The Secrets of Motor Activity

Sport is a cure-all, this is known, but not everyone can do everything. It’s a matter of pathologies and individual characteristics that make each individual predisposed to certain sports rather than others.
Age, weight, physical preparation, musculoskeletal problems and previous injuries are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing which physical activity to practice.
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To Everyone His Sport

Among the most popular sports, which one to choose based on your possibilities and your health?

  • Individual Sports

The fast walk isn’t recommended for those who have knee or hip problems and suffer from Achilles tendonitis, especially if the route includes ascents and descents. Similar, but different, jogging is healthy but it’s a practice that must be started little by little without exaggerating in intensity and duration.
It’s known that tennis gives the right energy, but pay attention to the elbows and shoulders. Amateurs often suffer from it because they are not trained enough or have a lack of technique. In swimming , on the other hand, you are on the safe side, as the activity tones without overloading the joints and the massaging effect of the water makes it almost physiotherapy. For those suffering from shoulder problems, avoid the freestyle and the back, but above all the dolphin. For those with knee problems, the frog instead.

  • Team Sports

The most “dangerous”, especially for the over 40, in this category are football, basketball and volleyball. Football and basket are characterized above all by changes of direction that can cause spraining trauma to the knee and ankle. The first is moreover subject to physical clashes, while in the second there are frequent patellar or achillee tendinitis, related to jumping.
Even volleyball, if played at good levels, can lead to some disorders either to the patellar tendon, to the lower limbs, or to the shoulders, for the upper limbs especially due to actions such as hitting and dunk.

Pathologies and Accidents: How to Take This into Account?

Regardless of age, it’s important to take into account any previous illnesses or injuries before exercising.
For example, anyone suffering from osteoarthritis of the lower limbs should not walk for a long time. This is because the cartilages, worn down, could easily become inflamed. Prefer the exercise bike or water gymnastics to this physical activity.
For those with shoulder problems should avoid the new one, while the bicycle is not recommended for those with wrist, elbow and prostate problems.
Ankle instability , often caused by those who have suffered more than one sprain, should keep away from uneven terrain, even for a simple walk, and from sports that involve changing direction.
Those who have knee surgery must limit, if not totally avoid, physical activity under load.

Wellness Pills

Among the activities most carried out by ordinary people is running , but if you aren’t well trained and, perhaps, overweight, and over 45 it would be more correct to replace jogging with brisk walking .
The race includes an area phase in which both feet, in turn, do not touch the ground. Consequently, the impact is more energetic and repeated many times can cause “insults” to ankles, knees and also to the spine .
With age, the cartilage thins and dehydrates, so as the years progress it’s better to progressively switch to brisk walking.
Another important tip to keep in mind is that physical activity, carried out as a means to lose weight, is sufficient for those who are slightly overweight and aren’t used to exercise.

Activity and Style with AKK

When physical activity takes place, an important part is played by the shoe. Every business requires the right one.
If like me you are dedicated to city sports, fast walking and stretching, and why not a little healthy pilates and yoga, then these sneakers are perfect.
Their main feature is absolute lightness, as well as a soft and breathable upper. The feeling of comfort is guaranteed, even and above all if you have to stand a lot. Excellent for outdoor activities and as a fashion element to complete your casual outfits.
I chose this model in Light Blue , which color do you choose?

21 thoughts on “The Secrets of Motor Activity

  1. working out helped me loose a ton of weight and I have kept it off a decade later. those shoes look amazing as well.

  2. I love sports growing up, played softball and tennis. I really enjoyed how you broke down every sport, with its pros and cons. I would love to start hiking again will definitely take your advice into account and definitely heed your advice about the right shoes.

  3. I used to be quite active but when the pandemic hit I can’t get myself to do anything except work anymore and even that feels like a lot of effort. I can’t wait to get back to normal.

  4. I am loving this post. I do enjoy walking, hiking an dI also get in some running. I cannot wait to get to Pennsylvania soon so that I can hit the trails in the mountains as they are beautiful and a great workout. 🙂 I do believe physical activity is the fountain of youth.

  5. I agree about brisk walking being better for the knee than jogging for older people. Having good sneakers such as the comfy ones you have shared is also so important to protect the feet

  6. I agree with you. Motor activities are important I myself like to hike in the forest it’s great for the moral aswell.

  7. haha I love the way you describe team sports as “dangerous” to us over 40! 😀
    I totally agree – I did a lot of teamsports as a youngster, but never as an adult.

  8. My favourite part of the day is my morning walk. In cooler months, in cooler countries I enjoy a run. Time to get going again!

  9. Exercise make you feel so good! Great distinction of the different types of motor activities. My favorite motor activity is to walk the dog.

  10. I love this post. I used to be a sedentary guy weighing in at 315 pounds. I was happy as a clam to be huge and out of shape. Then one day, I realized that I huffed and puffed when I did anything at all. Fast forward, and I’m now 198 and continuing to head downward, and I feel so much better.

  11. I love sports and I practice hiking on a regular basis. I think that any kind of motor activity is great to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally.

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