More and more often we hear about ecological transition, but more often than not I find myself turning up my nose, as this phrase is used more to make politics and impose stupid taxes and restrictions, rather than to propose concrete solutions.
For years I have been trying to make my life more sustainable to safeguard the Planet and often these are not big things, but small gestures that if they became everyday would lead to a real spontaneous and effective green transition.

A Green Personal Hygiene Is Possible

Among the small, but useful gestures, which can be carried out to promote a real green transition, there is undoubtedly the decision to buy certain products more consciously, perhaps starting with those for personal hygiene.
Talking about cotton sticks, for example, preferring bamboo and organic cotton sticks, as well as 100% biodegradable, is a great start. How much to opt for a dental floss eco compostable made from 100% natural bamboo charcoal fibers. Choices that are good for the planet, but also good for ourselves.
If we think of toothbrushes, however, and their purely plastic composition, the environmental damage is enormous. In fact, it would be enough to line up all the toothbrushes used and thrown in the United States alone in a single year to go around the Earth 4 times!

igiene green

Bamboo: the Best Green Choice

Did you know that bamboo can grow up to 1 meter per day and doesn’t require pesticides and insecticides? This is why it is an excellent organic resource, as well as super sustainable!
Choose one bamboo toothbrush it’s therefore a right decision, but also a wise one. But how to take care of it optimally?
First of all, at the time of disposal, be sure to separate the bristles, perhaps by tearing them with pliers, from the handle. The latter, being made of wood and 100% biodegradable, can be thrown in the wet, while the bristles will go into the plastic.
As for maintenance, however, it is good to keep it away from water stagnation and to do this it is good to consider a wall-mounted toothbrush holder, which is an advantage because usually they are also equipped with an ultraviolet light that sterilizes them.

BribeUShop, the Right Green Alternative

The products I talked about today are not random, but they all come from a single online shop that also ships all over the world!
What prompted me to choose this brand is their ecological purpose, but also the choice to use 95% renewable sources, as well as biodegradable, for the creation and development of their products.
To which you will ask me and the remaining 5%?
It is related to the bristles which are made by DuPont. There are alternatives such as animal hair or PLA bristles, but the company does not think they are a good alternative to ensure excellent oral hygiene and to be honest I think so too!
That said, why not really start with a small but big gesture towards a real green transition? Maybe with a purchase right on BribeUShop (use the discount code CRISSHEX10, to get a 10% reduction on the total amount of your order)!

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