In the heart of Brescia stands an anonymous-looking building. Passing in front of it, we hardly notice this period building which, like so many, adorn the streets of the center. It’s by entering inside, however, that one becomes aware of a unique place full of magic, a bit like the family that lived there and who still own it. Here you are Facchi Palace!
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The Facchi Family: Origins and History

The first documents that speak of this family date back to 1511 and refer to Pietro de Facchis, archdeacon of Gloucester and secretary to the court of Henry VIII. Subsequently, a historic hole makes us jump directly to the early 800 when Bartolo Facchi begins to open a series of metallurgical industries in Vestone and subsequently in near La Marmora, Brescia 2. Subsequently, the Facchi family decided to expand their business and not only get rich with the production of iron, but also silk.
Gaetano, son of Bartolo, will buy the palace that the Garellis had built in the mid-18th century by the Cazzago family at a ridiculously low price in the face of heavy damage immediately after the powder keg exploded of the Tower of San Nazaro. However, the restoration commissioned by the well-known Brescia architect Antonio Tagliaferri will be the work of his son Carlo, the same will commit himself to the project from 1896 and it will take about a decade to bring it to term.

Carlo Facchi

The Facchi and The East

Inside the palace it’s possible to notice a continuous reference to what is exotic , as Gaetano Facchi was a great lover of the Far East. This was due to the family’s activity in the silk trade, especially when the pebrina, a parasite that killed all European silkworms, arrived in Italy in the 1850s. This event led to the need to go to Japan to find healthy silkworms and it was probably following these trips that many of the valuable objects that can be admired today and which are of oriental manufacture arrived in Brescia, inside the Palace.

Visiting Palazzo Facchi

By accessing the staircase of honor you are welcomed in a charming and decorated environment by Cresseri . On the walls there are wonderful trompe-l’oeil , including the large fresco depicting the figures of Glory and Fame.
Continuing you arrive in the vestibule which, while maintaining a setting of the ‘700 , has been strongly reworked with darker colors and in which the precious hanger enriched with a precious clock and the fountain.
However, it’s going forward that you arrive in the heart of the house: the great hall of honor . The upper part of the walls have the theme of muses and on the overdoors that of arts and crafts . At the center of one of the long sides, the mighty fireplace stands out up to the ceiling, the upper part of which is decorated with stucco in the 1800s and embellished by two magnificent capri lions.
The adjoining rooms also reserve interesting surprises. The first houses a valuable collection of ancient books and objects related to writing such as inkwells, nibs and an unusual typewriter Smith & Bros N.8 . But also prints, especially from the 18th century, such as the four copies that refer, citing the Aeneid, to the four elements. The second instead collects some paintings depicting various characters of the Facchi family, such as the portrait of Carlo by Bertolotti in 1923 and the large canvas by < strong> Emilio Pasini portraying Emilia Almici Facchi , second wife of Carlo.

Info Point

To know the possibilities of view of the building, please refer to official website where you can request information or to the organization that takes care of visits as the FAI .

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