Editorial N.9/2020

European culture has led us to see November as a sad, cold and dark month. However there is another way to experience this month and it is through the vivid colors and cheer of American traditions. From Mexico “Los Dias De Los Muertos”, at the beginning of the month of November, it teaches to remember the dead, not imagining it in a bitter way, but rather in a joyful way. It’s the only time of the year when they return to earth (only if their photos are on display though) and together they can share time that must be of joy and not pain. From the United States, on the other hand, comes “Thanksgiving” , the fourth Thursday of November, to learn how to give thanks for what you have had during the year. Having a moment of sharing and union!
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The Snow Moon

Now the cold season is around the corner, with the heat and light declining. In more ancient times, it was the period of the snow, which covered everything with its blanket and hence the reason for this name.
Nature and the earth are preparing to retire for their long rest, while we are preparing to carry out projects and close the outstanding issues.
This is the right time to think about what people have done for us and reciprocate with a gesture of gratitude that is even a single word or a show of affection.

🌕 November 30 10:30 AM

Letters From The Past

One of the things that most excited me in finding this little letter written in her own hand by this friend of mine was the value she gave to it.
Holding this piece in my hands, reading her words written with a half-empty pen, still manages to convey the same emotions I felt the first time I read it. Technology has wiped out much of that strength, beauty and feelings, but all is not lost. Taking a piece of paper and a pen is a simple gesture, why not do it now? Write even just a few lines and dedicate them to someone, fold the sheet and put it in an envelope and then send it… the immense gift that is given and received back isn’t imaginable.


The Artist of the Month

Name: Valeria
Shop: CosmicaGioielli
Instagram: @cosmicagioielli
Description: “Cosmos” is the Universe, a complex system with its own order and its own laws, the opposite of Chaos. It’s the whole.
Cosmic was created to represent the energies that constantly work around man and how it affects her life every day, governing the matter of which she is made.
Born with colors in hand, as a real Libra, ready to draw her life.
The infinite passion she has for everything related to esotericism, the history of cultures and symbolism constantly helps her with the design of the jewels she creates: each piece is handmade in 925 silver and is born in a small laboratory with particular techniques and energy baths that give it a special identity.

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30 thoughts on “Editorial N.9/2020

  1. I love to read about different cultures because it’s really interesting to see differences view points. In Indonesia November is National Heroes Day. Too many war history in November.

  2. Ah, handwritten letters. I used to have many penpals when I was a teen, it was so exciting to check the postbox every day and see if there was a letter in there.

  3. I love the month of November, but do see what you mean in that others see it as a dark and cold month. I love the ways you shared that are celebrations during November. Thanks for sharing.

  4. November is definitely a month filled with mixed emotions. So many people lost, but we also remember them and give thanks for what we have.

  5. Wow. I’ve never heard of Los Dias De Los Muertos before. What a positive way of remembering loved ones who have passed away.

  6. I love the day of the dead festival. I’ve always wanted to attend one. There was going to be one in the city this year but due to obvious reasons it was canceled.

  7. It is interesting to learn about other cultures in other countries.
    In my country, November till December are all about sales, sales and more sales. Basically the town will go crazy, spas and salons are all booked. Not sure about this year though.

  8. I love the idea of the day of the dead festival so much more positive and a great way to a day for meaning and thought for those who have past x

  9. Thanks for sharing, I keep letters and love to go back and read them. I still have things from elementary school and kept a diary all of those years so it’s fun to go back and read it.

  10. November is that month where I spend time figuring out what I will be doing over the Christmas period, including the lunch on Christmas day and I almost have the entire meal planned out. If I wait until December so many items will no longer be available.

  11. There really was a lot of feeling to a well penned letter. I have many saved, mostly now from people who have passed. It is a new generation and letters are not often sent or even considered.

  12. It’s about time for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I am getting excited for the festivities and holiday season. Looking forward to the upcoming updates and offers – that’s for the info. – Knycx Journeying

  13. This is a really interesting read.
    The way mexicans celebrate November is really amazing! I remember learning a lot about it from Coco.

  14. I have heard of Los Dias De Los Muertos before, but your article makes me truly understand its meaning and why we need to celebrate it. I wish I will visit Mexico again one day and see the day of the dead celebration in person.

  15. I hadn’t heard of a snow moon before, but I do love the holidays that are coming up. They are always so much fun!

  16. I definitely want to learn more about Day of the Dead—I find it as such an intriguing holiday of honor and community. And thank you for sharing about letter writing!

  17. It is very interesting to read about different cultures. I was in Mexico years ago during the “Los Dias De Los Muertos” and It was the most amazing experience! Especially during this time when travel is restricted. It is so refreshing reliving some great memories as I read through your post. I enjoyed it very much.! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Interesting to see the different culture view point on November. In Thailand, November is a blessing month. The sky fulls with floating lanterns and we lit the candles around homes.

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