In almost a century of history, Disney has given us, through its movies, characters who have become true icons. Between good and bad, the latter have always been scary and indecipherable, but in recent years – also accomplices series like “Once Upon A Time” – it has been possible to rediscover the charm as much as the numerous shades. Between iconic styles, which have inspired fashion, and real tributes, just think of films like “Descendants” or board games like “Villainous “, the villains have become the undisputed protagonists, sometimes stealing the show from the heroes!
Today between make-up and look inspirations, here’s how to carry the style of two of the most famous Queens of Evil into everyday life: Cruella De Vil and Ursula !
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Cruella De Vil is the antagonist of the novel “The Hundred and a Dalmatian” by Dodie Smith then transported to the big screen by Disney in 1961 in “The Charge of the Hundred and One”.
Little is known about her except that she is a woman of great class, recalling a Chanel style of the 1920s, which lives on income. Aggressive, cruel, insensitive and eccentric you make poor Dalmatian dogs her obsession, as she is bewitched by their coat and eager to make luxurious furs.
If her story ever appealed to me, the TV series “Once Upon a Time” thought of turning her into my favorite Disney villain!

/ Collant “Calzedonia” / Boots “Dr. Martens /

The tv series gives Cruella a real evolution, where from an early age she suffers the abuses of her mother who, in addition to locking her up in the attic, keeps her constantly threatened and terrified with her Dalmatians.
Become young adult, she manages to escape and the meeting with the Author will allow her to acquire powers, including that of controlling animals. Back home she will meditate revenge against the mother/jailer and using the newly acquired power she will turn the mother’s Dalmatian dogs against her and then killing them she will use their coat to make her elusive fur.
We therefore discover that Cruella is indeed a victim, but not an innocent. The wrong actions of the mother were in fact a reaction to the fear that the woman felt towards her daughter, who had not only killed her father, but also all her subsequent husbands.

Look & Make-Up

The young fashion brand, born in 2015, Koché thus becomes the bold and modern inspiration to revisit Cruella’s look by focusing on her iconic colors rather than its vintage style.
The make-up, on the other hand, comes from the idea of ​​similarly reproducing hers, where the color focuses on the arch of the eye rather than on the soft eyelid that remains naked. Using the colors matched to her from the “Disney Villains Palette” from Mad Beauty I can say that the result is really as incredible as it’s intriguing.



Ursula is the Disney transposition of Witch of the Sea , taken from the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen of 1837.
Unlike its transposition into cartoons, where we know it as a large octopus with Junoesque shapes, in the book there is no clue as to what its appearance is. This is because he always modifies it, determined that no one ever knows her true appearance. Also in the fairy tale, her powers are not limited to the sea, but they also manage to manifest themselves on land, because it’s a magical entity as marine as it is fairy.

Emilio Pucci
/ Top “Tezenis” / Gonna “Artigli /

The representation of Disney is a tribute from the Drag Queen Divine, at the beginning moreover it wasn’t supposed to be an octopus, but rather an overweight mermaid sister of King Triton.
Vengeful, lazy, and vain, her main characteristic is that of being a cunning manipulator who exploits the despair of others to get what she wants in return.
Her story changes again in the TV series “Once Upon a Time” where she is the daughter of Poseidon and a beautiful mermaid. After her mother is killed by pirates, the God asks his daughter to use his enchanting voice to lure the ships and sink them into the rocks.
Tired of this life, she escape and me the pirate Hook who deceives her by stealing her voice. This angers Ursula to the point of turning her into a cecaelia and turning her into a diabolical witch.

Look & Make-Up

Thinking of the numerous versions of Ursula it’s difficult to understand with which style to represent her and so I referred to her Disney colors, both for the look and for the make-up, black and purple.
Through Emilio Pucci therefore a simple outfit emerges, but undoubtedly elegant and bewitching. For make-up the eyes acquire a particular importance, also thanks to the “ColorStay ™” by Revlon Cosmetics , which offers a good base to bring out the purple eyeshadow. But precisely because of its bold appearance that the choice for the lips moves away from the canonical red in favor of a natural color made even more enveloping by the ” Soft Matte Lip Cream “ by NYX Professional Makeup .