By definition, black is a color that is associated with Witches, it’s done with a negative connotation when there can be no more wrong interpretation. Because? Because this color actually contains all the others, so it’s richer and more multifaceted than a rainbow. However, black is also one of the key colors of fashion, versatile and simple, it matches every physicality and every type of look.

Prue Halliwell

Prudence Halliwell, called Prue, she is the older sister of the most famous magic trio on television. In this, is also the strongest sister not only in terms of powers, but also and above all in character.
She will die at the end of Season 3 of “Charmed” and within the trio she will be replaced by her half-sister Paige.
Overprotective towards her sisters, she has a reflective and responsible attitude, but also determined and enthusiastic in the fight against evil.
Among the magical powers in her possession are telekinesis and astral projection.
Her story, however, doesn’t end with the television series as in the 9th comic season it turns out that the same has not willingly accepted her death, which is why by making a pact with the Elders she reincarnates in the body of a witch in a coma by name Patience. At the end of the season, she will become the Guardian of Urn.

Stella McCartney

Both Prue-inspired looks have black as a reference, a color she often wears in the series, but always in a very minimal and elegant way. An example is this outfit that looks at the collection of Stella McCartney.
The designer has chosen as her muse the feminine principle which can be sensual, but which on this occasion is read above all in its values โ€‹โ€‹of responsibility and protection.
A woman projected towards her own ideals and goals, but who doesn’t lose sight of the warmth of the domestic hearth in which she fits as a mother figure, but also and above all as a point of reference.
A bit like Prue, who feels responsible for her sisters, who grew up as a mother after her loss, and around which not only the entire family life revolves, but also esoteric choices and developments.

Emporio Armani

Black is once again the protagonist, but this time with that elegant and sober aesthetic taste that only Emporio Armani manages to express. Here, then, is that the inspiration comes from a very simple dress that hides all the complexity of the female world in its straight and minimal lines. A bit like Prue, apparently angular and rigid, but with a world inside when you can go beyond her armor.
Small details such as the sleeves, in fact, show that more jaunty and lively side, which as in a rhythmic progression lead to the heart of the style and in fact of the person who plays it.
In the chaos of reality, or the magical world of Halliwells, the return to the essential is the fixed point on which to leverage and thus shine in one’s humanity and genuineness.