What does happiness taste like? Surely a multitude of shades and tones that are discovered and foretaste through the imagination of creativity. Dynamism, good humor, color and above all a great desire to overcome limits and boundaries. Even those of the time. Through Look-Fly.ca we will visit two very different eras, each of which through its fashions and her styles will confront us with two different types of woman. Both beautiful, bold and strong, but different in the idea of ​​representing these values ​​through fashion. Fasten your seat belts, the journey begins!
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The 1950s and the Polka Dots

The polka dot is an evergreen that never goes out of style. Normally associated with 1950s fashion it actually has much older origins.
It’s the end of the 19th century when this timeless fantasy was born in Czechoslovakia, but it was in the 1930s that it acquired the name by which we will all know it: Polka. Yes, just like the famous dance of the east as the first to wear polka dot dresses are the dancers of this dance.
However, two 50s icons will clear this fantasy making it a real must: Minnie Mouse and Marylin Monroe .
Today this style isn’t only popular in the field of fashion, but also in that of design.
“Polka dots are a must because they give freshness and elegance” explains Stefano Bigi and how can you blame him?
Returning to fashion, in fact, it’s increasingly common to find polka dots on maxi dresses reminiscent of the dresses of flamenco dancers.

The 90s and the Girl Power Movement

It’s the decade of color, of daring and especially of the Spice Girls. There is no outfit or look that isn’t inspired by one of its protagonists that with their “Girl Power Movement” have now influenced an entire generation. Young girls who aren’t afraid to flaunt their personality and style even at the cost of being over the top.
Among the stylists who promote this type of subversive look is Marc Jacobs who burst onto the international scene with the “grounge chic”. An eclectic street fashion that makes alternative rock its source of inspiration. An unkempt fake that aims to bring out the wearer and break the stereotypes of society and fashion.
So here is how a simple ribbed dress, with the right accessories, becomes the absolute protagonist of a look that loves to be talked about.


The die is cast. Are you more 50s or 90s? Which of the two styles best reflects your personality and why? Tell me with a comment!

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