At the gates of one of the festivities, or rather Sabbat, most evocative for the Witches, I couldn’t but dedicate a retrospective on the most banal classifications in the imagination of Witchcraft. Speaking of White or Black Magic is actually wrong. These names don’t identify Good from Evil, the more the use that is made of the gifts that one possesses. For example, I consider myself a Black Witch for the fact that what characterizes me is that dark mysticism through which, however, I seek and bring Light. So let’s go beyond the stereotypes, but let’s play with them for outfit ideas to be copied!

Mysa Nal

Mysa Nal is the sister of the famous Nura Nal “Dream Girl”. Currently in the TV series “Supergirl” it’s possible to know their ancestor Nia Nal called “Dreamer” .
Unlike the women of her family, Mysa doesn’t possess the skills of foresight and for this reason she is trained in the mystical arts on the planet Zerox, known as the “World of Sorcerers”. Here she shows that she has an innate gift for magic, effectively becoming a powerful White Witch ย She joins the Legion and plays a pivotal role in the war against Darkseid.
In “Final Crisis: The Legion of the 3 Worlds” Mysa, forced by events, casts a spell of black magic and this turns her into the Black Witch. Despite this, the young woman continues to fight against Evil, but gradually she is increasingly attracted by this influence deciding to turn her back on the Legion and her role as heroine.


For the look of the White Witch I was inspired by a brand that takes the issue of environmental sustainability very seriously: Marques’Almeida. Large productions of clothing equate to a greater number of waste and therefore their choice was that of a smaller collection that is attentive to shapes to allow a garment to be used for more types of outfits.
Another important aspect comes from production, a practical example was to stop using polyester and prefer recycled marine debris, which also proved to be excellent for printing and dyeing.
But sustainability also comes from using local resources and in fact this Portuguese brand uses raw materials and produces all its clothes in Portugal. In fact, like a White Witch who lives in tune with the planet, so do these designers with their fashion philosophy.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

For the look of the Black Witch I opted for a brand that has assembled the entire collection starting from a mix of advanced fabrics from previous seasons: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. Again, the fabrics come from sustainable sources, such as recycled plastic bottles or textile waste.
This meant that the collection played on great contrasts, with pieces very different from each other. If I think of a literary Black Witch, I imagine her making do with what she has and therefore this brand perfectly represents the character.
It’s also, in my opinion, an important message about what I said at the beginning. In reality a Black Witch would be read in the wrong way and instead could hide a big heart and a deep attention and love for Gaia and all living beings. So who better than these two designers, with their collection, could summarize this concept?