White ispiring outfits

White Dream. Ethereal color associated with summer, above all for its ability to emphasize the tan, but which can also be declined in a casual and urban key for everyday outfits. Try it!
Directly from the Spring/Summer fashion shows in Kenzo, Les Copains and MRZ here are three ideas to copy. Discover the outfits!

Kenzo. Simple and adaptable idea based on the availability of your wardrobe. Just a nice white jeans (or in any case very light shades) with a white sweatshirt to match! Over a simple trench coat with classic shades (like mine) or more original, if you have it, as in the original outfit. At the foot a nice pair of sandals (if the season allows), but if it is still too early it is a good idea to focus on dancers.

Les Copains. The idea to steal from this very simple outfit is soon known: jeans or white pants + striped top! It does not matter if the latter are golden or with more marked colors, it is a perfect and classic combination that always works! At the foot a nice pair of white sneakers and the look is soon done!

MRZ. A look that dares to play with lengths. An extra long white skirt with an equally long top above. To the shoes a pair of white sneakers and you’re done! An ethereal, casual, casual and extremely comfortable look.

25 thoughts on “White ispiring outfits

  1. I’ve always liked the while white denim look. White’s such a flattering color and now that people are actually wearing white more often is exciting. 🙂 Now I won’t look out of fashion if I were to wear white.

  2. The outfits looks delicate, neat and outstanding. I loved and embraced this concept of style again and again. I love this article.

  3. White is not necessarily my colour because I look pale in it, even when I have tanned skin, however I absolutely love you outfits and I’ll try the one with the striped top!

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