Villa Campari

Villa Campari: A gourmet aperitif


The Campari name is an icon all over the world. Synonymous with design and avant-garde, it has made itself known for innovative advertising and a unique style. However Campari isn’t only drinks, but also food and it’s in the city where the brand was arise that a classic is born: Villa Campari.
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Villa Campari was the home of Davide Campari, patron of the famous brand that opened its famous establishment in Sesto San Giovanni in 1860.
At the time, the choice fell on this city for two factors: the aquifer on which the factory will rise and the proximity to the rondò, exchange point of the horses for tramways bound for Milan.
Today in his old house stands the restaurant that not only offers delicious lunches and dinners, but also a gourmet aperitif idea to be discovered.


The highly qualified restaurant staff doesn’t miss its sober but attentive presence. The thing that struck me most was the attention paid equally to both restaurant and appetizer customers. Moreover, the aperitif is served in the dining room, at the table, together with the guests present for dinner.

main dish


Talking to you today in detail about the aspect of the restaurant’s aperitif, my description of the menu will be limited to this.
The aperitif has a fixed price and normally consists of:
drinks (chosen from a list of non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails or glass of wine) with dried fruit praline with Campari and Aperol;
main dish;
The main dish can be chosen between meat and fish. What changes normally is only one element of the dish, while all the others are the same for both choices.
In the dish you can find excellent parmigiano reggiano with walnuts, veggie pinzimonio, raw ham or salmon and finally the inevitable bowl of Milanese risotto with Campari reduction.
The dessert is an unchanged must: two shots of snow cone. Flavors? Lemon and Ginger. And Campari.


$ 16 is the price per person for this type of aperitif, $ 22 if you want their gourmet pizza instead of the main dish (which I recommend!).

“Villa Campari”
Via Davide Campari 23
20099, Sesto San Giovanni, Milan
Price: $$$:

piatto Michelin

The following article refers to an exit made prior to the Coronavirus emergency. It aims to be for information purposes only for the future. #istayathome

34 thoughts on “Villa Campari: A gourmet aperitif

  1. This looks so good–and so fun. I would probably want to order the aperitif as well as the pizza, and then share with the whole table. That is generally how our family eats so we get to enjoy so many more flavors!

  2. Italy is one of my dream destinations! And the Italian food that I have tried here in the Philippines have been amazing. Looking forward to getting my hands on the authentic dishes. Thanks for the tips!

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