Victorian Essence & Gipsy Vibes

Mastery of white. A way of traveling in time and space without leaving home. The eccentricity of the present that collides with the virtuosity of the past. The Victorian essence that is ready to return between rigidity and purity.
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Boho Treasures of Nature Shop

The price of these tops is € 70 including shipping costs (Europe & USA).
Among the other handcrafted pieces that Maria Teresa Castro makes are: wool coats, scarves, ponchos, bags and flower crowns.


This Spring/Summer, as anticipated by the fashion shows, promises to be a wonderful white film. A jump in the past to rediscover essentiality and purity. Monks mise who don’t diminish femininity, but rather elevate it in its most candid aspect. An immaculate conception of elegance.

Gipsy Sound

An Andalusian symphony echoes in the background which, among scattered lace and romantic flounces, gives a gypsy touch to such an ethereal look. It’s the collection of Maria Teresa Castro that gives life to a style that is as chaste as it’s provocative.
The white and the lace of the virtuous woman of the Victorian era considered “angel of the domestic hearth” and represented through clothes by the tenuous ones who emphasized the pure, chastened and submissive aspect. On the other hand, the deep necklines and details of a woman moved by the wild and free instinct typical of hippie culture. Two distant styles, two opposing women who meet and give life to a unique, seductive and elegant style.
Get involved and create your Gipsy Victorian Look. The most beautiful will be published on the Magazine’s Facebook page.

Photos ©Pete Willis & ©Gary Butterfield

41 thoughts on “Victorian Essence & Gipsy Vibes

  1. I love the edge that the belt gives in the Alexander McQueen look! I’m not usually a white dress person (I’m the one that would spill something on it in the first 5 minutes of wearing it) but I would DEFINITELY wear that one!

  2. I love the Alexander McQueen and Fabiana Filippi white dresses! You made me think of getting one again. Hard to maintain white for me.

  3. This is a gorgeous dress and I love the way you have styled it. Perfect for this time of year although with two little ones I try and stay away from white. But that won’t be forever so great to get ideas.

  4. Honestly, I’m so into white, lacy and comfy right now. And it’s funny because I’ve been holding all white clothes off at a distance for a long time now ( I’m clumsy), but I’m into it right now. Love the looks!

  5. I love the look, the lace, and the hat. I don’t think I would look so great in it but I would want to try for sure. Maybe a fun photoshoot, who knows it maybe my style that I have yet to find.

  6. I love the dress. It is so dainty and feminine yet it still exudes a gypsy side to it. Thanks for sharing your fashion inspiration!

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