Victoria Thomas Outfit Inspiration

Victoria Thomas Outfit Inspiration

My outfit inspiration of today takes its cue from the Victoria Thomas catwalk and is born of a day of excursions among the beautiful, and wet, Vintgar Gorges and a sunny and relaxing afternoon between the lakes of Bled and Bohinj.
Is it a game that I love to do that observe the seasonal trends and turn them into low cost outfits based solely on what I have in the wardrobe? Who said that economy rhymes with cheap?
Here, then, that while maintaining the same style as the original outfit, I declined it both in the long version, for the morning, and short for the afternoon. Do you like the final result?
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Shopping List

Tee Long Sleeves = H&M
Tee = Tommy Hilfigher
Jeans = Tally Weijl
Short Jeans = Tally Weijl
Backpack = Invicta
Sneakers = Reebook

Outfit Inspiration

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26 thoughts on “Victoria Thomas Outfit Inspiration

  1. I am happy that I can actually recreate this outfit as well. I just bought a red and white stripe tshirt that would go perfect with my jeans shorts.

  2. I love everything about that outfit, its cute and looks really good on you aside from that you look so comfortable of wearing that outfit.

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