Vanuba, the lifestyle close to what matters

Nature and quality are not just synonyms of cosmetic products, but also of footwear. It is in this that Vanuba, the lifestyle close to what matters, differs.
Vanuba is a Polish brand that comes from the Rusnak family company of Nowy Targ, which for over 25 years have been producing traditional footwear, but developed with the utmost care. High quality leather, hand assembly of every single pair of shoes and incomparable comfort.

These are sheepskin shoes and are sewn by hand. Born as home shoes, comfortable and durable, perfect for those who choose a slow lifestyle and hygge.
The model I have chosen is an elastic, lightweight and durable thermo-rubber sole. The interior, completely covered in soft fur, gives convenience and warm weather.
Ultimately I’m a real not just to stay at home. Their Nordic and elegant design was designed to go out, perhaps combined with a pair of jeans, for a casual and not at all banal look. Rating 5/5

Buying Vanuba means supporting the local Polish market and choosing a shoe that gives daily wellbeing with footwear suitable for the whole family.

60 thoughts on “Vanuba, the lifestyle close to what matters

  1. I love boots and bought a few pairs during my travel to Spain. I find Europe has so many good quality and affordable boots as compared to Asia. I love the sheepskin pair of boots, look so warm especially when snowing.

    1. Kumamonjeng where you live ??
      We think that in Europe we have very good quality of shoes.
      In Poland our shoes are handmade.
      Visit us 🙂

  2. These shoes are looking amazing. Would definitely going to buy these pair of shoes from Vanuba. Hope they deliver in India

    1. Gavin we’re young company form Poland – yust started at 2018.
      We think that our slippers have high quality 🙌
      We invite you to embark on your adventure with VANUBA.

    1. Alexandra we give so much heart to our hand made slippers and that’s why they are so cozy.
      We invite you to embark on your adventure with VANUBA.
      Regards form Poland

    1. Every pair of our slippers our special because they are handmade 😌
      We invite you to embark on your adventure with VANUBA
      Hugs from Poland

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