Travel: Recap Summer Road Trip 2018 (Bosnia & Croatia)

A few days before leaving for this year’s holiday I thought why not publish the Recap Summer Road Trip 2018? A good way to share my itinerary with you and wish everyone a good summer and give you an appointment in September for a new and explosive year together!


Milano – Zaton

Alemka Apartment
303 KM = 3 hours and 54 minutes
1 night
We begin our journey at 2:09 am with destination Zaton, in the province of Sibenico. The choice is based on the fact that the first stop on our itinerary is Cavtat, the southernmost point of Croatia and far away, it is better to opt for a half-way point where you can rest and rest before starting the next morning towards our final stop.
An obligatory stop in Tisno-Vodice, where there is one of the best restaurants that cooks the elusive pig on a spit, before setting off again and arriving in Zaton in the afternoon where we will spend the night.

Zaton – Cavtat

Vedran Apartment
305 KM = 3 hours and 48 minutes
3 nights
We arrive in Cavtat at 2:00 in the afternoon, after a stop on the way to lunch, and discover that the extreme tip of Croatia is not at all the Dubrovnik dormitory, but an absolutely lovely town where you can breathe the joy of life and the taste of the sea. However, our stop in this city is not to enjoy the beautiful beaches, but as much as interesting excursions. Two days for two 360 ° excursions of what the city has to offer at a short distance. One day we dedicate it to Kotor, a little less than 2 hours away, in Montenegro. An unexpected mix between a small Rhodes and Lake Garda that stole my heart. There almost all day visiting the city, and then returning home and shortly after passing the border again, to return to Cavtat, we stop for a walk in Konavle. I recommend this very small town going into the restaurant Konavoski Dvori (renowned, very good and where it is advisable to book if you want to eat here) to get lost in unspoiled nature, crystal clear water and a peace of mind and soul.
The next day instead we dedicate it completely to the visit of Dubrovnik a city that we have already visited in the past but never in this way. First of all we arrived by sea and not by land, with a boat that leaves directly from Cavtat (a very cheap method because it costs less than parking all day in the city), and then because we have used the services of the Dubrovnik Card. We have it made for a day and we saved on many of the attractions we wanted to visit, the walls were included and only those cost a lot of money, as well as a 10% discount in the restaurant where we usually go to the Dubravka 1836 Restaurant & Cafe.

Cavtat – Neum

Modern apartment on the sea coast
81 KM = 1 hour and 25 minutes
9 nights
After intense days of excursions so full and exciting I wake up at 7:17 am to reach Neum at 9:40 am. The distance between the two cities is not much, but it is worth considering the long line in both and leaving for the small town, the only seaside town in Bosnia & Herzegovina. Here we will rest for 9 nights to enjoy the sea, the unspoiled landscapes, the relaxation that the city offers, but above all to rediscover the joy of simplicity. Neum despite being very touristy, and economic, it is a city still in development in which it seems to visit the Croatia of 20 years ago. Personally this aspect of it does not give me demotivated or disappointed on the contrary, it excited me the most and despite the constant of our journey it was a humid and pressing heat this did not distract us from enjoying the beauties encountered along our road. Given our stop in Neum we decided to dedicate a day to Mostar, also a city already visited, but this time discovered more deeply. Do not be fooled even though you stay in Neum to reach Mostar, it is advisable to make the border, return to Croatia and from there continue to Mostar as the internal roads from Neum are not considered safe. At the border, entering Mostar, it will not be uncommon for you to be stopped and to be told that your green card is not valid, even if it is not. At that point you can go back or pay a temporary green card. It’s not fair, I know. We know very well that in this access point there is a clear intent to take advantage of it, so you are advised to decide what to do next. Personally, although our green card was valid, we decided to pay anyway and continue to Mostar a city already seen, but that we discovered for the first time only this time.


Neum – Sinac

Nature Escape
384 KM – 3 hours and 49 minutes
2 nights
After the mental and spiritual relaxation we experienced in Neum, we set off again at 7:00 am to Sinac where we arrive just before one o’clock. Sinac is 15 minutes from Plitvice Park and the choice was strategic. Our desire to visit the park combined with the need to not want to spend a fortune on an accommodation that is not particularly comfortable or beautiful. Sinac is a small village that allowed us to stay in a spacious apartment, in fact a small villa where we were the only guests, with a huge terrace surrounded by nature at a more than reasonable price (almost half the price found around the park). Moreover Sinac is also pleasant to visit for its natural beauties maybe even going up to Otocac where we had lunch on the day of arrival (in Sinac there is only one place to eat and it is a pizzeria).
The next day he wakes up early and we finally visit Plitvice Park for the second time. We arrived at the opening time not encountering great difficulties either for parking or for the entrance (the line was long, but it is fast). Visiting the park from the morning is priceless because there are fewer people and the air is cooler. We made the ticket for one day and visited the park through this route:
– from the entrance 1 we reached the Veliki Slap (the Great Waterfall) and then we continued on route 2, up to take the 7 until boarding P3 (the ferry);
– from here we reached P1 where at the ST2 station (the bus / train) we reached the ST3;
– from here we descended on foot to boarding P2 where we ferried to P1 to reach the ST2 station;
– from here we took the bus / train that took us to the ST1 from where we continued to exit 1.

28 thoughts on “Travel: Recap Summer Road Trip 2018 (Bosnia & Croatia)

  1. This must have been such an epic road trip! Not only did you get to drive around a lot, but the places are simply stunning!! Already in love with Neum!

  2. This looks like an incredible trip, with some beautiful photographs to boot! It’s an area I’ve always wanted to spend some time- so I’m adding to my list!

  3. What an amazing holiday. I would love to have all those days to explore and road trip Crotia is a bucket list of mine. I can’t wait to see where you are off to next.

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip to Bosna & Croatia that’s very much worth it. I’ve never been to there and this post makes me want to go there now. I’d love to go on these spots.

  5. I’ve never been to those places. Thanks for sharing your travel tips and itineraries this will help a lot especially to those that want to travel there your blog post can be very useful.

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