Travel Green in The Green City: Ljubljana

Travel green, dream or reality? With the adoption of small practical measures, much can be done to be good travelers and reduce the environmental impact of our holidays. It’s all about starting to make the right choices.
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The decalogue of the good traveler

Being informed and choosing carefully is the first step towards being responsible consumers, even when traveling.
The decalogue of “good travelers” follows principles of social and economic justice, respecting both the environment and the cultures visited. Here are a few simple rules to follow:
respect the different cultures by trying to adapt to the customs and traditions of the place. Beyond its rules;
don’t show off clothes in contrast with the standard of living and religious cults of the place;
deal with relationships in a way that is free from prejudices, but by getting informed about history and culture;
choose local transport, accommodation, guides, crafts and cuisine to fuel the economy;
don’t soil or damage the environment and animals;
never buy products made with endangered animals and plants;
save water and energy even when traveling so as not to abuse the planet’s answers.

How to travel green?

Flights: you can calculate your air travel emissions with many online tools. Companions such as British Airways or Air France, for example, on domestic flights offer compensation for flight emissions with a small increase on the ticket price.
Train: or Bus: they are the association of choice for a trip with low environmental impact.
Moving around with light luggage is also useful for reducing your ecological footprint. And when stationed in a place, those with good legs can take advantage of their feet or their bicycle.

Speaking of sustainable and green travel, it’s a must to mention the city that makes these values ​​its pillars: Ljubljana. A safe, orderly and clean city that looks to the future.
With just under three hundred thousand inhabitants, it’s the capital of Slovenia as well as the largest city in the state, it defines itself as a “green city” for its extremely high ecological standards.
The city offers electric taxis, total pedestrianization of the city center, reduction of noise pollution, sustainable tourism and gradually also a local self-sufficiency of resources for responsible consumption of water sources.

Useful Information

The city isn’t very large and the historic center turns comfortably in one day, however the slow and artistic rhythms of the city invite you to experience it with the same calm and involvement of its inhabitants. Allowing yourself two or three days to live it, as well as discover it, is the real secret to fully appreciate it.
To visit:
– Cathedral of St. Nicholas
– Franciscan Church of the Annunciation
– Ljubljana Castle
– Triple Bridge
– Dragons Bridge
– Tivoli Park
Unmissable experiences:
– Pivnica Union
– Museum of Illusion
– Boat ride on the river (unbeatable at sunset)
To be sure not to miss all the major attractions of the city, it’s very useful to make the Ljubljana Card which will guarantee you discounts and access at reduced prices. Click here for more information.

Info Point

Sweet dreams: BriGHT&Designed Apartment it’s the ideal accommodation for never using the car. With private parking and a few meters from the center, the only means of transport you will need are your legs. It offers all the essential services as well as wi-fi, tv sat and heating. ($ 89 per night).
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Delicious treats: Strange, but true, but the best place to eat in the center is at Tokyo Piknik. Fusion restaurant offering Japanese cuisine (so good that all oriental tourists stop to eat here) and at the same time mouth-watering gourmet burgers. Honorable mention to the proposed ramen, one better than the other. And to French pastries, superfine. (Cankarjevo nabrežje, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

The following article refers to a journey made before to the Coronavirus emergency. It aims to be for information purposes only for the future. #istayathome

47 thoughts on “Travel Green in The Green City: Ljubljana

  1. Many years ago, I lived in Slovenia for some time. Now a lot has changed! But still, this is the perfect place for me! I plan to be there after quarantine! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ljubljana seems to be a beautiful city. I hope that only green travelers will come there and that your post will contribute to the fact that we will all care more about the earth, also during the journey.

  3. Ljubljana looks so lovely and magical, I must explore! I went to Lake Bled once from Croatia on a road trip, but didn’t make it to Ljubljana! Will have to 🙂

  4. I didn’t’ realize they had so many tools to help you deal with emissions and other issues when it comes to travel. I will have to check it out before I go traveling again in the future.

  5. I love this! As we learn more and more about living green in our society, it only makes sense that those beliefs should also influence our travel. This was inspiring to read – a great example of how to live by our morals!

  6. I love these green travel trips! I love traveling but I’m also passionate about sustainability and travel is generally not the most sustainable hobby. Thank you for the tips!

  7. Choosing local transport is definitely a very good good idea! I’ve always tried to do that when I travel but it can actually be tricky unless you can properly research or have a friend to guide you. Nice article 🙂

  8. This sounds like a lovely way to travel! I try to leave as little impact to any place I visit, so others can enjoy the same beauty as I do. I can’t wait to start traveling again!

  9. Ljubljana looks like such an amazing place! I also agree with your tips for visiting and travelling, especially respecting the religious and culture aspects of the places you visit and still thinking green especially when travelling.

  10. What a beautiful city to visit. I’d love to see it one day…hopefully once the lockdown has ended and things have returned to normal, I’ll finally plan that trip!

  11. Such a beautiful place. Very ideal destination for a much needed vacation after this lock down is over! I would most certainly want to visit this place!

  12. It is a responsibility of any traveler to research and be informed before going on any trip. This is something that I’ve lived by ever since. I hope to be able to visit Ljubljana in one of my future trips after this pandemic. It is a lovely place!

  13. Oh my gosh, those are some of the most beautiful pics I have ever seen. I can’t even imagine how much better they would look in person. I would dream of going there someday.

  14. That looks like a very beautiful place for a visit! Too bad we cannot travel freely now, hope it will change until summer, at least a little bit. 🙂

  15. I do try to always travel green! I think that’s important. And I respect cultures when I visit. I never want to be viewed as the gross american! This looks like a great city.

  16. Ljubljana looks like an amazing place to visit and I would for sure love to go. I am so overdue for a vacation and was long before the crazy hit so I for sure cannot wait to get back to normal and get a good vacation in. I will add Ljubljana to my list of places to visit 🙂

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