Total white trend with Rosewe

Total white trend with Rosewe, a classic and basic way to create a casual chic look.
In every closet there should always be two basic items such as a shirt and white trousers. Garments that can be used to create many different outfits and each with a different inspiration from the more classic and more original combinations. Discover the outfits I’ve designed for you!

This white trousers they have the great merit of being extremely comfortable (which is why I advise you not to be baggy with the choice of size. I bought an M, but I would have gone more just an S), as well as having a very light and breathable fabric. Better than what can appear in the photos, they are perfect for the beautiful season that is coming and to create casual outfits that are both elegant and sexy.
Rating 4/5

This shirt it is in cotton and linen with a light and breathable texture. The cut is as interesting as the motif of the fabric that makes it original as well as well structured. As can be seen from the simple outfit that I created, it looks very much and makes every minimal look immediately chic. Wearing comfortable and loose, I would therefore recommend tightening with sizes, I bought an M, but an S would have been much better.
Rating 3.5/5

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30 thoughts on “Total white trend with Rosewe

  1. I’ve never been able to wear white. Between me as a messy eater and a preschool boy white clothing doesn’t stay white. I really like the pants on you. Not as much the shirt although it does look really little which is so nice over the summer.

  2. Yes! I also agree that no closet should lack a couple of white items even if it;s just a tee. I have quite a lot of whites so I’m also careful about getting stained whenever I’m wearing them. Anyway, you look good in the white pants and crocheted top.

  3. So why do I get so much abuse from my loved ones? Because many years ago, I took my Danskos to the streets. I wear them with sundresses, jean shorts, and with thick woolen socks and cuffed jeans in the winter. I like the height they give me, and I like the weight of them, the way they hit the floor with emphasis. If I’m being totally honest, I like that they keep me grounded now that I’m not in a restaurant every day.

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