Tonic: A Beauty Potion by Pixi

“Hocus Pocus and… I Put a Spell on You”. Oh I wasn’t wrong, also because in the most magical night of the year it will be a real spell that we will talk about. Isn’t cosmetics after all? Each cream, serum and product is a real potion. A concentrate of ingredients that, through their properties, act on the person making them more beautiful and radiant. So today I bring you to discover the secret charm of one of the most intriguing cosmetic formulations: the tonic!
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The Filter of Wonders

  • pinch of humectants , make the skin softer to the touch and less dry the potion;
  • touch of sequestering ingredients, avoid oxidation processes of the formula;
  • good dose of active ingredients, to be included in the hydrosol, such as vegetable water or hyaluronic acid;
  • in conclusion of the good perfume, and related solubilizer, and finally adjust the pH to about 5.5 with lactic or citric acid.

Voilà… the Tonic is ready!


Uses and Quality

Now that, my dear witches, we have the recipe for the perfect potion the only question that arises is: how to use this magic filter? What amazing and interesting results will it be ready to give?
The first important thing to say is that the tonic should ALWAYS be used after washing the face. This is because one of its greatest qualities is that of rebalancing the skin’s natural acidity after cleansing. As if that were not enough, moreover, it acts as a regulator of sebum. It therefore eliminates the unwanted shine and creates a barrier that narrows the pores.
In fact, the tonic revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin tissues, stimulates the production processes of collagen and elastin, reduces redness and irritation and finally has a purifying and calming effect.

The Rainbow of Tonics

Among many shades and stills, how to understand which of these powerful magic filters is the most suitable?

  • Rose: with rose flower extract to minimize redness. Elderflower to soften the skin, tone it and brighten it. And finally chamomile for a calming effect;
  • Vitamin C: with probiotics to strengthen and protect the skin, plus white willow bark to exfoliate and rebalance it;
  • Milky: enriched with oat extract and jojoba milk to hydrate and soothe the skin. Fortified with the antioxidant properties of green tea;
  • Collagen: enhanced by the presence of acacia collagen, which voluminizes and rejuvenates, and coconut water as a moisturizer;
  • Retinol: from the name itself, with renewing and smoothing retinol and peptides;
  • Glow: a concentrate of light obtained with fructose and sucrose;
  • Clarity: with glycolic acids (to exfoliate), lactic acids (to lighten) and salicylic acids (to free the pores), it is enriched with probiotics.

What’s your beauty potion?


19 thoughts on “Tonic: A Beauty Potion by Pixi

  1. I haven’t used any Pixi products before, but now I am excited to try them all and hope to achieve the promised result 🙂
    Thanks for this heads-up!

  2. I have used products from Pixi before but never a tonic. I didn’t know actually that they were doing tonics. This sounds like a very beneficial collection for the skin.

  3. Sounds like a great collection. There are so many awesome ways to customize skin care now! It’s so awesome to be able to choose exactly what your skin needs!

  4. I am obsessed with skin care and always enjoy trying new products. I have never tried Pixi products although I do see them everywhere and would love to. These all sound amazing and will have to head over to check out their website. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These look lovely and also it is a brand that I have not heard of before, so always looking to try new skin care x

  6. I love your photographs here – perfect for the season we’re in! I’ll have to check these out. I keep saying I need to start looking after my skin and never actually doing it!

  7. Thanks for this review! I’ve tried the glow tonic and I didn’t really see results on my skin, but I’m happy to have tried it. Different skincare items work for different people.

  8. These look awesome. I know my wife will love them. She’s a huge pixi fan. I think almost everything in her mysterious drawer of beauty stuff is pixi.

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