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Toast To Coast Review

LOCATION Toast To Coast
is an informal restaurant set in a former industrial loft and brick context. This factor fits perfectly with the location that recalls this mood with a particular attention to detail and a design choice that does not disappoint. A real dive in New York without moving from Milan. With high ceilings and very bright the atmosphere of the room is a perfect balance between street style and casual chic.

SERVICE young and attentive, but not intrusive. Informal but never inexperienced, you feel pampered and well served. Fair and average waiting times. At lunch over the weekend, only two guys manage to manage the entire room without problems or problems.

MENU The menu proposal is mainly divided into 5 types of dishes: big salads, club sandwich (three slices of bread with two fillings), toast (two slices of bread with a filling), roll (soft roll of stuffed bread) and finally pizza toast (made with bread, soft and crunchy to be filled at will).
For the fillings there are mainly three types available between sea, land and veggy with numerous combinations to be tried.
Also interesting is the brunch proposal (available only on Saturdays and Sundays for lunch) with a dish of your choice between sea, land, veggy or special, two side choices between fried potato dippers, vegetable caponata and salad, the egg chosen from scrambled or hard, a dessert to choose from among those on display, a drink and finally coffee.

BILL The prices of the dishes range from € 7.5 to € 15 depending on the combination of ingredients chosen as the quality of the raw materials is excellent and the combinations are refined.
All inclusive brunch costs € 20. Coverage is free.

39 thoughts on “Toast To Coast Review

  1. It sounds like a very interesting concept of restaurant, with such a limited but fresh menu. It’s clearly a lunch place. I like that their dishes are so easy to customise to your liking.

  2. The high ceiling, the pendant lighting and the whole decor in general makes the restaurant such a good spot for a nice afternoon tea!

  3. I love the place. By just looking at your pictures I can feel the cosy ambience and great food makes the entire place a must go to places. Glad you shared your story to all of us. It makes us feel as though we went there ourselves.

  4. 1st things first. Thank you for making it so I can read this post. I am a foodie and I would went through the trouble to translate it because these are some great pictures. Looks wonderful.

  5. Yes brunch is quite a common thing in the US, so I’m not surprised that this restaurant offers one! I love that the service was good. For me, customer service is incredibly important.

  6. This place looks good, and their food you shared looks delicious, something that I could enjoy too. Thanks for sharing another potential place to hangout!

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