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Matcha and Lavender, two ingredients that by definition recall magic. Mysterious and fascinating, in the kitchen they are characterized by their delicate and particular tastes.
Matcha Tea is produced from the leaves of Tencha, a particular green tea born in China and which was consumed during the famous ceremony of the same name since the eighth century AD. The Lavender on the other hand is a plant used very frequently for its numerous therapeutic properties, with its calming effects it’s also used in the kitchen for tasty and original recipes.
Starting from these two ingredients, the “Snack of the Witch” is proposed.
Zelda San Fitzgerald Guest Post by Zelda’s Kitchen.

Cupcakes or Sandwiches?

6 oz of flour;
3.5 oz of butter;
3 oz of sugar
3 oz of milk;
0.2 oz of baking powder for cakes
2 eggs;
1½ spoon of green tea;
1 bottle of vanilla or orange/rum flavored.

4 oz of powdered sugar;
3.5 oz of butter;
2 oz of liquid cream;
0.3 oz of powdered matcha tea.

In a kettle, pour 9 oz of water and then leave one and a half tablespoons of green tea to infuse for about 2-3 minutes (in this case Japanese Cherry Green Tea was used).
In a large bowl, beat the butter and sugar with a whisk until the mixture is light and homogeneous. Add the eggs, one at a time, then the vanilla essence, the previously infused tea, finally incorporate the sifted flour and yeast. Continue to stir until the mixture is amalgamated.
Once this step is finished, pour the mixture into a mold of 12 muffin molds greased with flour and butter. Bake in a preheated oven at 338/356 °F for 25 minutes, checking the cooking with a toothpick.

In a large bowl, whisk the butter, powdered sugar and matcha tea powder with a hand mixer on medium speed. Finish with the remaining icing sugar, thus obtaining a thick and fragrant cream.
Transfer the icing into a pastry bag and decorate the cupcakes.

Photo by ©Zelda San Fitzgerald

8 slices of sandwich bread;
smoked salmon;
fresh mint;
olive oil;

Arrange the smoked salmon, avocado and a few fresh mint leaves on the slices of bread. Share with a drizzle of oil and a few drops of lemon. Finally, cut the bread crusts, decorate as desired and serve.
This sandwich is recommended to combine with green tea, alternatively with the others we recommend:
-black = cooked ham and sweet mustard;
-red = tuna, olives and mayonnaise;
-white = raw ham, Philadelphia and green olives.

Lavender London Fog or Herbal Tea?

½ of

kitchen lavender;
vegetable milk of your choice;

¼ choice between:

brown sugar;
white sugar;
2 tablespoons of earl gray tea;
5 oz of hot water.

Infuse the earl gray tea, cooking lavender and chamomile in boiling water for about 2/3 minutes. Meanwhile, heat the milk and create a froth like in a cappuccino. Pour the frothed milk into the cup where the ingredients are brewed. Finally add some sugar and serve.

Photos by ©Zelda San Fitzgerald & ©MadMax Chef

1 teaspoon of:

damask rose;

Leave the ingredients to infuse for 2 minutes and then serve hot. This herbal tea is recommended for those suffering from stress and fatigue headaches, excellent for relaxing.


In the face of these proposals what is your perfect snack? Do you prefer sweet or savory? And what would you like to drink? I hope you liked the proposed recipes and for questions or concerns, or simply to express your preference, do not hesitate to write below in the comments!

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