The incredible beauty of a dress, with the ability to decline in many different ways: this is magic. Cicinia is the shop that allows you to choose from a wide range of ceremonial clothes and accessories, all offering only the best designs and using the most suitable raw materials. Each dress is a real work of art that can be purchased by choosing from standard sizes or by requesting it to measure. Choose the color and let the enchantment take shape!

Bonnie Bennet

Bonnie Bennet, McCullough in the series of novels“The Vampire Diaries” by Lisa Jane Smith, she is the best friend of the protagonist, as well as the most powerful witch, in the TV series of the same name.
In the book, her psychic powers derive from his Druid ancestors and his character is at times childish and obsessive. Insecure, unintelligent and fickle, all of that changes when she finds out who she is and embraces her destiny.
In the television series the character is very different and although she remains a sparkling and kind girl, here her character is much rougher also due to the various nefarious events that affect her life. She is a more complete witch and among her powers, clairvoyance and telekinesis stand out above all.

Purple Magic

The beautiful dress of Cicinia is a tribute to the mystery and strength of Bonnie Bennet and the inspiration comes directly from the promotional photos of the 6th Season. However, this dress is also the perfect outfit for a ceremony, but also for an evening event that is as elegant as it is romantic. The “A” shape and the bare shoulders then give it a sensual, but never vulgar, aspect.
Beautiful details, starting from the bustier to the padded cups, which enhance the figure.
The colors available are many and in detail I chose the purple, indicated on the site as mulberry. The flower combined with this color is in fact jasmine, indicating spiritual strength, while the symbol of this color is the aura.
Which dress do you choose? What shape and color? Customize your creation now and buy it HERE with a 15% OFF, using code: CRISSHEX15.


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