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The treasures of Abiby’s mystery box


Discovering the Abiby beauty mystery box

I love the Mystery Boxes, even more if they are of beauty and it’s offered by Abiby, allows various advantages such as for example:
1) the opportunity to try products at a lower cost than the market price. The box has a cost of € 24.50, but the products inside are worth at least € 90;
2) get to know new brands and maybe use products that we would never have thought of. That we would never have bought and instead then we discover that we love, or better yet, be perfect for you!
3) buy a fun, but quality service. The box is entirely recyclable and the brands inside are mostly vegan and cruelty free.
Abiby also offers a very active community that offers promotions, events and many other surprises for its Beauty Lovers!
Find out more about Beauty here.


July products

From the iconic cosmetic brand founded by Kate Von D, KVD Vegan Beauty, we find the long-lasting liquid lipstick Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (color in photo “Mother” 22 €) and the Alchemist Holographic Transformer holographic eyeshadow (18 €).
By dr. Botanicals, of which I had previously spoken here, we find the Hemp Infused Natural Moisturiser (€ 17), a cream that guarantees deep hydration by contrasting the complexion turned off. With hemp seeds and cocoa butter.
We continue with the sun protection SPF 15 of Acquazzurra (in photo “Capri” 38 € ) which stands out for its mineral formula suitable for everyone skin types, in addition to a solution that isn’t harmful to the environment.
In conclusion in the box there was also the wonderful Vitamin Sea fabric shopper, which with its fashion and colorful design will make its presence on the beach even more stylish!

Did you like the Abiby box? What was your favorite product of this?
Buy them with the 20% OFF (code:VITAMINSEA) on the shop. Offer valid until July 31, 2020.
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INCI Legend

KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick 💚💛
KVD Vegan Beauty Alchemist Holographic Transformer 💚❤️
dr Botanicals Hemp Infused Natural Moisturiser 💚💚
Acquazzurra Sunscreen 💚💚💛

44 thoughts on “The treasures of Abiby’s mystery box

  1. How fun and exciting! I’m also very into mystery boxes nowadays, some of it are disappointing but this mystery box sounds worth it.

  2. This is a really cool subscription box to sign up for. Unfortunately, I live overseas and things like subscription boxes are not that popular here. I am glad to read about your reviews and all these wonderful products you got.

  3. I love servises with box! It’s so much fun! It is sucha thrill and it was with me ever since I was little: the best gifts were boxes filled with little cute things

  4. This box just screams summer fun! I’m interested in the Hemp products and I loved the KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. Actually everything looked really fun and I love that they are vegan!

  5. What a fun mystery box! I love this idea…definitely something to look forward to each month. We all need to treat ourselves once and while and this sounds like a great way to do so!

  6. There is such a wide variety of items that come in the box. I find their names very interesting like Alchemist holographic transformer and Everlasting liquid lipstick. They all sound like items from a mystery game. Lol!!

  7. This is right up my alley! I have just started to renew my interest in beauty products after being not so interested for the last few years. This is a fun way to try new products and build up my collection again.

  8. Such a gorgeous mystery box! There are so many nice items in this. I’ve never bought any sort of mystery box because I can be so picky, but I’d love to for the element of surprise.

  9. I love that the boxes they come in are recyclable. We consume so many amazing products that can sometimes do harm to our environment. I love to see brands that cater to conscious consumers.

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