The Secrets of Post Workout Fatigue

Tiredness is an important symptom to keep in mind, as it’s the way in which the body communicates that it has put in all its energy to cope with the commitment, but is running out of physical and mental supplies.
Fatigue is therefore a state of mind, a symptom and an emotion. Accentuated by monotony, because the repetition of a gesture leads to a lowering of attention and energy put into play.
How then to read fatigue? Let’s find out together!
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When Fatigue is Positive

If fatigue isn’t a symptom of a disease, but comes for example from physical exercise, then it can also be considered “good”.
Fatigue, understood as a lack of strength following an intense effort, is a common phenomenon in those who play sports, but also transitory. This external load that is administered represents the fundamental mechanism for improvement.
However, everything must be adequate and the exercise must not be too mild or too hard, as much as the effort must include recovery times.
This is the foundation behind super compensation, the principle whereby the body tries not to change its internal balance and in order to do so, it ensures that the energy supplies are recovered at a higher level than the starting one. This is in order to better cope with any new physical stress.

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The Problems of Overtraining

However, sports fatigue has a downside and this happens when the physical effort to which one’s body undergoes is excessive or disproportionate. This condition, in fact, instead of making improvements to the physical condition can make it worse.
This decline can occur as a psycho-physical decline that can manifest itself through symptoms such as: loss of appetite, poor concentration, headache, generalized asthenia, poor sleep quality, listlessness, drop in sports performance, decreased recovery capacity, pain muscles as well as tachycardia.
We must pay close attention to this condition which can sometimes fall into a form of depression that can be hidden, creeping, but also well defined and structured.

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How to Manage Exhaustion?

Regardless of whether you may be an active or sedentary person, there are good rules of conduct that, if followed, can improve the management of fatigue:
1. don’t create a vicious circle. Fatigue is a physical and psychic component that often interact and if already present it must be attenuated or eliminated;
2. avoid routine and protracted activities for a long time, both in the workplace and in sports;
3. take into account the climate. If hot or humid it can favor a lower endurance of effort;
4. if, despite adequate rest, the decrease in physical effort and other attention, asthenia continues, contact a doctor;
5. there are no miraculous remedies for fatigue, so the intake of supplements or nutraceuticals must be consulted with a doctor;
6. rest at night and good sleep is the basis for lowering levels of fatigue during the day.

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Tackling Effort with Style

A factor not to be underestimated is also clothing. Making an effort or physical activity wearing something uncomfortable or unsuitable can also promote a state of stress that can lead to fatigue.
To deal with this correctly, I therefore feel like I always advise you to dress appropriately for what you have to do. In this case, a well-structured sports bra is an important help for a woman. If, like me, you have large breasts it’s essential.

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13 thoughts on “The Secrets of Post Workout Fatigue

  1. These are great tips. I think not overworking yourself is important. Sometimes I don’t want to take a rest day because I want to keep going, but I know how important they are.

  2. I think recovery is just as important as working out and when we take proper steps in recovery it will help our stamina and motivation. Good tips!

  3. I am loving those sports bras from Wingslove. I love them all and you look amazing! I am definitely working out more this year and will take the advice given in this post 🙂

  4. This is a great article to bring light to the fatigue of working out. Yes, it can be good to feel tired but you don’t want to get to the point of burnout. Sticking to a routine and not going overboard is a great way to manage burnout. This sports bra looks great.

  5. I work out often and change up my work outs pretty frequently. I like the tips and suggestions you have given us. Overtraining is something I feel like a lot of people do and should be cautious to avoid it. it is hard to maintain a balance for sure!

  6. I love that post workout fatigue. It lets me know that I did a good job. I don’t like doing a workout and not “feel” it after. This was a great post!

  7. This can be tough. I try to never overwork myself. I tend to stick to jogging around the neighborhood and calling it a day. I like your different looks!

  8. I’m so glad you touched on overtraining. It’s easy to get carried away in the gym or do too much too often. That only leads to diminishing returns and exhaustion.

  9. So true! Love this article on workout fatigue and the recommendations you have at the end. I always have a hard time deciding what to wear for a workout and I didn’t realize it plays such an important role in battling fatigue! Thank you.

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