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Bones health with Vitamins K2 & D3

Bones health

Building strong bones throughout life is the foundation on which the entire health of the individual is based.
Childhood and adolescence are undoubtedly the fundamental periods for the formation of the skeleton, but even with age it is important to take care of them to be less at risk of osteoporosis and thus avoid fragility fractures.
Calcium is obviously the main constituent element of our skeleton, in fact the bone is like a reservoir for maintaining the correct levels of calcium in the blood, but is it the only important thing? Absolutely not! Vitamins D and K are also great allies.
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Vitamins D & K

Vitamin D extends the important task of promoting the intestinal absorption of calcium from food and ensures proper renewal and mineralization of the bone.
Vitamin K instead helps to fix the calcium in the bones and keep them healthy.
In addition to taking these two vitamins in nature, through food, it is also possible to promote absorption (by consulting a doctor first) also thanks to the BronsonVitamins K2 + D3 supplement.
Vitamin K2 in fact activates a series of special proteins that mobilize calcium and promotes osteocalcin, which attracts calcium in bones and teeth, while Vitamin D3 is essential for strengthening bones and also promoting mineralization and growth.

4 tips to improve bones health

1. Exercise regularly, especially with muscle loading and strengthening;
2. Make the right amount of calcium, vitamin D and protein through food;
3. Avoid bad habits like smoking, drinking too much and being overweight;
4. Know any risk factors by talking to your doctor and carrying out ad hoc examinations.

28 thoughts on “Bones health with Vitamins K2 & D3

  1. Great advice. My bones are the worst. I haven’t drank milk or have proper dairy products in over two decades! I really need to start taking vitamins and getting more sun light.

  2. Bone health is so important! I have Scoliosis, which is a curvature of the spine, so I try to make sure I look after the rest of my body so I don’t end up with more problems later on in life 🙂

    Louise x

  3. Great information, my husband’s mom has osteoporosis and slew of other bone degenerative issues. I always worry about how that could potentially be issues my kids and even husband could deal with later in life. I want to start including more healthy bone supplements in our daily lives.

    1. All the tips that I give in this blog post I first shared them with a doctor and therefore I can say that they are simple, but effective and the supplements are excellent for those who have a particular need to preserve bone health.

  4. Living in Norway and getting enough vitamin D can be quite difficult. No doubt Bone health is absolutely important when it comes to our overall health. But my family, we always take our vitamins and try to eat foods rich in these vitamins to ensure our body is getting what it needs.
    Thanks for sharing ?

  5. What if that smoking is smoking cannabis herb? LOL I couldn’t help myself there. I learned something new today though. I thought K was just taking up space on the table. Now you have me wanting to stock up on my vitamins.

  6. I used to be against supplements but the older I get the more it is important. Eating healthy and being conscious about your vitamin intake will help in your overall wellness.

  7. I was diagnosed with cervical bone disease and it was a shock to me. I couldn’t believe it but I have it. I am regaining the strength of my bones back, never too late.

  8. Bone health is very important. We must pay attention to this so that we do not experience bone loss or calcium wasting later on in our adult life. Right now, I am taking calcium supplements. At my age, I do not want to slip and break a bone.

  9. Bone health is so important. I need to remember to take my vitamins. I normally start really good and by the end of the month I forget. Maybe I need to set up alarms on my phone to remind me

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