The Sacred Fire of Litha


Litha is the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. It’s the feast of light, abundance and material as well as spiritual well-being. However, this festival also represents a passage from the Lunar to the Solar dominance. In paganism the Guardian of the solstice gates was the God Bifront Janus, while in Christianity the two Saint John. Those who represent, with their third invisible face, lead from one passage to another. Ascending, towards the material and creation world, and descending, towards the divine and supernatural kingdom.
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Alban Heruin

Alban Heruin stands for “Riva Light” to remember the point where the fusion between water and earth takes place. In ancient times the “earth” was the astronomical zone above the celestial equator and the “water” the lower one. The Sun was therefore their meeting point.
It’s characteristic of this day to collect herbs and perform protective rites related to the element of fire.

Celebrate Litha

On that day it was customary to collect certain herbs and/or with the same create amulets to protect homes against diseases and negative energies. The herbs are: St. John’s wort, rue, verbena, mistletoe, lavender, thyme, fennel, plantain and/or mugwort.
Light a yellow or golden candle for the intercession of Bifront Janus. This for everything related to the beginnings that are related to the relational, love or family field or to the start of new ones activities.
Light a yellow or golden candle for the intercession of Saint John Baptist. This for ask protection about the bonds of friendship and loyalty in couples.
Light red candle and leave small coins or jewelry as offerings to gnomes and fairies to appease their ire by attracting favors.
Happy Litha!

The Tarot that represents this holiday is “The Sun”. Symbol par excellence of the power of Fire and Light, it symbolizes revitalization and harmony. Invite to clarify in your mind to make room for a fair and objective judgment. Its strength and generosity gives honors and successes to those who will be able to cultivate their arts and talents.

The Tools of Fire

The Athame is a dagger used in rituals and has a purely symbolic purpose. The black handle indicates its ability to absorb negative energies and deprive them of their power. It’s also used to direct energies, as well as to control invisible entities and forces. With it’s also required a mind the negative spirits preventing them from destroying the spells, as well as to attract and invite positive entities. It’s with the Athame that the circle of protection is traced in which to look in case of rituals or spells.
The Wand is used to attract, convey, repel and/or block energies. In addition to this it’s also used to draw magic symbols.


The colors and meanings associated with them of the Fire Element are:
Yellow/Orange: Represents the Sun and the East. It promotes success, work, intellect, creative imagination, memory and communication.
Gold: Represents the Sun. It promotes justice, positive influences, “divine” interventions.
Red: Represents the South and the Male Forces. It promotes love, passion, health, energy, strength, virility and courage.

Alban Heruin

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  1. I knew the 21st of June was the summer solstice but I didn’t know everything else you shared! I already use some of the herbs you mention and will look into the others!

  2. Litha is completely new to me. I love that its the longest day of the year and a day for collecting herbs. Thanks for the insight. I learn something new everyday and this is one of them.

  3. While I enjoyed being under the protection of the Moon these last few months, it’s great to have the Sun back in control and drive out all the bad energy! This is a really cool post and I learned a lot! Happy Litha to you 😄

  4. This is worth to read. I haven’t heard about this, glad you’ve shared this to us. I learned a few things. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This was such a thought provoking post. I never thought about the spiritual significance of switching over to the summer months where the days are longer.

  6. I haven’t heard of Litha before. This is such an interesting post and it’s so amazing to know about different cultures and customs. Love the different colors and meanings associated with them of the Fire Element. Very nice post!

  7. I also learn about ‘Riva Light’ , which sounds very interesting. I am going to do some more reading on this. Thanks for introducing me to a totally unknown custom and festival.

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