70 days of lockdown have left indelible scars that each of us has to deal with. The worst evil that has unfortunately left on us are a sense of helplessness, despair and mistrust. That’s why finding the ability to see the glass half full and letting go of optimism becomes an exercise that we should all undergo. How? Through 8 simple rules of life that will make us more aware and happy.


1. Desires and Dreams

There is nothing wrong or incorrect with wishing or dreaming. It isn’t a process that leads to illusion, but more to an emotional state that influences the normal behavior of neurons. Daydreaming awakens our energy and allows us to maintain enthusiasm, as well as stimulate the cell regeneration process.

2. The Great Beauty of Waiting

There is no more negative process than wanting everything immediately, even if in a fast and immediate society like ours it’s inevitable to fall into a trap. In work, in social relationships, in love… we expect results or developments to be immediate. This generates frustration and consequently stress. Knowing how to wait instead not only increases us as people, but allows us to develop a broader strategy vision that in the long run can lead to the acquisition of new skills. It isn’t standing still, it’s preparing to seize the moment.

3. Self-Esteem, our Best Friend

Having self-esteem par excellence means being optimism. This is because by believing in yourself and in your own abilities you aren’t at the mercy of the thought or judgment of others. Looking at what surrounds us by drawing from it with inspiration and not envy helps in the process of seeking self-esteem. Fighting against your fears, admitting and overcoming them allows you to identify and strengthen your qualities. We all have vices and virtues, we just have to find the courage to stop and see them and not be afraid to make mistakes.

4. In Search of Balance

Sometimes a life isn’t enough to find it, but embarking on the path of harmony certainly puts the compass of happiness in your hands.

5. Meritocracy, the Art of Success

It may seem easier to meet expectations, to let go in case of defeat or failure. Or play the role of the victim. But the real and only success, be it in sport or in life, is achieved only by putting positive resources in mind. How? By cultivating one’s tenacity and never giving up. You win together, you lose alone. The key of happiness.

6. The Power of Imagination

Always considered a characteristic of the age of childhood, imagination is rather the most powerful weapon for the realization of its objectives. If we can think it, we can do it. A simple exercise to train it? Close your eyes, visualize your goals and desires, organize your thoughts and project yourself into the future. What you see is yours, it’s there waiting for you to be made.

7. Don’t be Afraid of Change

There is no more terrifying word in the world than “change”. Fought, hindered and feared in reality it hides in itself the possibility of not only being a limit, but the door for infinite opportunities. Accepting and understanding change is what gives us the strength to be proactive and opens our mind to the future.

8. Learn to be Grateful

On my journal I usually write down a reason why I’m grateful every week. This simple and banal exercise contains the ability to decrease stress, fight depression, improve sleep. It also affects health and longevity in a positive way.
Gratitude is the simplest motivation that exists, the one who by putting positive energy into circulation manages to increase trust in things and the strength to plan our future with happiness.


To start to live with less fear and more optimism, with less anxiety and more harmony, I leave you a little exercise created on 8 points of which today we talked. You can download it for free HERE, to discover happiness.
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