Welcome to East End, a place of mystery and magic. This is where the journey to discover looks as esoteric as elegant starts. The inspiration comes from the novel “The Witches of East End” by Melissa De La Cruz, where the story of a family of witches unravels intertwining with Viking mythology and the Inquisition.
Although the television series is very different from the book, I decided to take inspiration from this one for the two outfits that I decided to propose.

Joanna Beauchamp

Princess of Asgard and mother of Ingrid, Freya and Frederick, she rebels against her grandfather when her thirst for power starts a war in the kingdom. Because of this position, he exiles her, not before keeping her only male nephew at his side and cursing her daughter.
In fact, this is forced to live her many lives, in the constraint of constantly seeing her daughters die without ever being able to save them.
Joanna is a strong, determined and proud woman. Despite the pain she lives for centuries and centuries she never gives up, always torn between doing the right thing and finding a way to save her family.
In the TV series she is shown with always sober and elegant looks and for this reason the style that best suits her is the one proposed by Jason Wu.

Jason Wu
/ Top “Rinascimento” / Necklace “Kiabi” / Sandals “Deichmann” /

Wendy Beauchamp

Joanna’s younger sister, compared to this is much more eccentric and libertine. She too is banished from Asgard and lives a few lives with Joanna, however it’s when her action accidentally causes the death of her beloved niece Ingrid that the relations between the two cool down leading them to separate.
She is used to speaking freely, always saying what she thinks and not finding her having died numerous times at all disturbing.
It can be transfigured into a black cat and as such it has nine lives. Her powers are driven by her strong instinct and she often uses them without dwelling on the consequences of the same. She is an expert in voodoo and amulets.
In the series this wild and impulsive side of it’s well identified with an indie look well expressed by Etro’s proposal.

/ Dress “OVS” / Sandals “Inside” /

Jason Wu & Etro

Jason Wu’s minimal and classic style, especially in his mainly single-color proposals, marry perfectly for an esoteric but essential look. Total black perfectly underlines the idea of ​​a modern witch, as does Etro’s proposal.
This focuses mainly on a genre closer to indie and the inspirations that usually come from the Coachella festival. At the base is the idea of ​​a wild spirit that meets with bourgeois refinement, in doing so these two souls blend and give life to a bold aesthetic.

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