That our lifestyle has changed in the last year is a fact: more freedom, less freedom, no freedom, too much freedom. We have essentially gone through all the emotional phases of a rather hysterical period. Let’s say, however, that the light at the end of the tunnel begins to show itself. But how much will it resemble the past and how innovative will it be?

Finally Reopens

Open clubs, aperitifs with friends, restaurant dinners and outdoor walks under a slightly bizarre climate: this is how it welcomed us back this spring. I see the world outside and it seems so full of opportunities that I feel confused, like when you go to an ice cream shop with 20 flavors and you want to try them all.
It’s refreshing to look around and watch life go by outside the walls of the house. For some, though, it might even be scary. After a year of paying close attention to every movement and interaction, getting into the fray can prove tricky. If you are one of these people, my suggestion is not to feel out of place or to force yourself to do things you do not feel ready for, pushed by social pressure. Everyone has to follow their own inner rhythm, so take your time. Your time will come too!


Photo by ©Matt Alaniz

Desire to Escape & Design

Energy: we have accumulated so much of it that, now, we just have to find a way to use it. So, off to the dances with excursions, trips out of town, travel plans and get-togethers with friends…
Personally, I’m the kind of person who sees a ray of sunshine and feels ready to take over the world, but whatever your current emotional situation is with respect to this lifestyle change, I give you some advice:
1. Don’t feel obligated to approve yourself to others. Do what you prefer! The important thing is that you are fine.
2. Leave room for imagination. Dreaming costs nothing and, if you think you are indulging in a whim that might seem too expensive, tell yourself that every left over is lost. You deserve it!
3. Find your balance. Understand what it’s that makes you feel at ease and dedicate yourself to cultivating it with patience and dedication.

Photos by ©Erol Ahmed & ©ian dooley

The Desire to Change

As snakes change their skin, the same goes for humans. The time to think and the need to reinvent ourselves have accompanied us for a long time, creating in many the need to put a patch where they had made mistakes and were stubborn to move forward.
For example, during the time spent looking inside myself over the past months, I realized that I had to completely revolutionize my life from a professional point of view. So, I found the courage to question myself, telling myself that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to try right now that I had been given the opportunity to try.

  • How to Welcome the Change?

Change can take many forms. It doesn’t have to be an upheaval. In fact, it can also manifest in a more mild way: cultivating a hobby that we had put aside, learning to dedicate time to ourself, deciding not to do something that is potentially harmful to ourself and our mood.
I adopt the philosophy of the so-called baby steps and, that is, taking small steps at a time. In this way, we do not create too sudden a detachment and we give ourselves the possibility to monitor our reactions.
In any case, however beautiful this return to normality is, it also brings with it imbalances. For some, moving from a highly restrictive regime to one so diametrically opposed can be exciting but also mind-boggling. For this reason, it’s important to listen to oneself -to really listen to oneself- and, above all, to respect oneself.
Remember that you are the only person who can know what you need.