Also this year, we find ourselves celebrating Mabon or better known as the Autumn Equinox.
From now on, day and night will be equally long as we go through a period of harvest and reflection.
This year I decided to honor this magical moment by celebrating the colors of this holiday, and consequently of this season, and I will do it with some news directly from the world of Pixi.
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The Look of Autumn

When the leaves turn yellow and fruits and vegetables ripen then autumn has arrived.
To pay homage to this aspect, I chose to use the “Helzenut Haze” and “Rosette Ray” palettes for the eyes, choosing shades of orange, brown and mauve.
A make-up that recalls energies that bring harmony and balance, at the same time giving the wearer self-confidence and security.
These dark colors, but which still celebrate the warmth of summer, pay homage to the second harvest and the beginning of winter preparations. It’s time to respect the impending darkness, giving thanks to the light.






The Face of Spring

The ancient myth relating to the Autumn Equinox is the one linked to the story of the abduction of Persephone. It’s taking inspiration from Demeter’s daughter, who for the cheeks I opted for the soft and romantic colors like those collected in the “Sugar Blossom” and “Honey Nectar” palettes.
Remembering how her beauty and floral radiance enchanted the God Hades, her face lights up with pink tones with touches of golden light. So that even in the darkness of the months we are going to meet, nature doesn’t stop celebrating itself waiting to be reborn in spring.

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