Merry Christmas

The Colors of Christmas

The Colors of Christmas

Have you ever wondered why at Christmas you used only a certain color palette?
Why does tradition lead us to choose some rather than others? What traditions are hidden behind all this?
Today we will talk about these meanings together, the values ​​behind these colors and who knows how we will be more aware when we use them for our Christmas decorations!


Color that symbolizes love and protection, in the iconography of the end of the 1800s, Santa Claus was portrayed in green clothes because he brought gifts intended as affection and attention.
Green is also associated with evergreen plants such as holly, ivy and mistletoe that have always been used to decorate buildings and houses during the long winter period.


By definition it is the royal color that symbolizes the awakening of energy and vitality after the winter solstice.
Red therefore evokes the family, the warmth of the affections and is also the color of the clothes of the bishops. This would have been worn by Saint Nicholas and for this it has then become the uniform, in the popular imagination, of Santa Claus.


This color is the exaltation of the yellow and therefore the color of the sun that is expected after the darkness of winter, but it also has a double symbolic value: to honor the birth of Jesus and to invite an inner rebirth.
Gold is the color of personal knowledge, of self-awareness and self-esteem, identifying material wealth as well as personal wealth.


Symbol par excellence of the snow, typical of the winter months, it also symbolizes the immaculate surface that gets rid of the old negative to welcome the new positive.
White represents purity and light and in fact in the Christian churches during Christmas the screens of the priests and the cloth that covers the altar are white.


Color symbol of transcendence, mystery and divine, is the color of the sky and therefore is considered a celestial color.
Blue becomes the color of the Blessed Virgin Mary and has a profound spiritual meaning, that reminds us all of our fidelity to Our Lady and her privileged role in the history of salvation.

Which color tells your Christmas best? Let me know with a comment!
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21 thoughts on “The Colors of Christmas

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I love learning about how the colours we wear/experience have a meaning in our everyday life. Whether it’s our personality or we’re willing something into existence, colour is very important.

  2. I am fully aware about the colors of Christmas but didn’t had an enough knowledge about the origin of each colors, so thank you for sharing this with information with us I highly appreciated it.

  3. ive never really thought about the origin, great information. i prefer green but that’s my fav. i do love white and green together.

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