The call of the Mother Earth of Beltane


Beltane is celebrated on this first day of May, the day on which the summer phase of Earth-related activities begins. This month, therefore, is a tribute to this element which also continues in the newsletter with freebies and exclusive gifts.
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The Fire Festival

Although Beltane is part of one of the 4 Fire Festivals of the year, this more than all the others is the most symbolic. They are the bonfires of Beltane in fact famous for celebrating the power of life and the fruitfulness of the earth, as well as to propitiate abundance and luck in the dual material and spiritual nature.
An old saying related to this festival says: “When the Wheel begins to turn, the fires of Beltain begin to burn”.
And so it was that on this day it was customary to pass between two fires to purify themselves or in the absence of them attack red ribbons (representing fire) to propitiate love, luck or healing.

What is Beltane?

Beltane is the time of year when the energies of light and life are at their peak and invite us to look to the future. To the summer.
It’s the celebration of love, union and relationships. This festival starts a propitiatory period for new loves and new friendships, but also to strengthen existing relationships.

Celebrate Beltane

Previously I mentioned some activities that can be done to celebrate this day, but there are many others that in their simplicity can contain great power.
Take for example the flowers, a symbol of life and fertility, gathering them to create crowns or keeping them at home in a vase, or in small cornucopias, will certainly be a good omen. Desires and dreams also have great value on this day and therefore to realize them it’s possible to throw a coin into a well or express them in the vicinity of a hawthorn.
As already said, Beltane is the feast of union and sociality and therefore to favor this aspect, or strengthen it, make bracelets with white ribbons and give them to the people you care about. Or if yours is a gift of love towards your loved one, give a small bouquet of flowers.
Happy Beltane!

The Tarot representing this festival is “The Empress“. Symbol par excellence of Mother Earth: fascinating, wise and solar who has a great spiritual and material wealth through which she can help.
It’s you who invites us to keep a rational and analytical thought in order to succeed in a business or make a purpose. Maintaining concentration and always placing ourselves towards others with a feeling of kindness.

The Pentacle

The symbol and tool associated with the Element of the Earth is the Pentacle. Unfortunately there is still a lot of ignorance about the verse meaning of this symbol which for the most part is still associated with the cult of Satanism, although this is not true at all.
Its position, for example, is never negative or positive, the more its energies vary. On the “straight” the spirit maintains control over matter and on the “reverse” is the matter that maintains control over the spirit.
The four points of the star represent the Four Elements, while the point of the star is the Spirit. The Circle that encloses it represents the All around it, the continuous and infinite cycle of energy.
The Pentacle is often used as a protection symbol or amulet.


Colors also have a great importance. Here is an in-depth analysis of those that represent the Element of the Earth.
Green: Represents the North. It promotes health, charm, vitality, abundance, fertility, luck, harmony and contact with nature.
Brown: It favors friendships, financial successes, concentration, intuition, study and meditation.
Black: Promotes protection and contrast from negative energies and psychic healing.

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24 thoughts on “The call of the Mother Earth of Beltane

  1. I’ve learned so many new things from you today. The elements actually picque my interest. I used to watch movies that involve these powerful natural elements.

  2. this is very Interesting that black promotes protection and brown is for friendships and many more. we always have misconceptions about certain things.

  3. Happy Beltane! If ever a time we should celebrate and look ahead to the future it is now. Thanks for sharing this, I’m going to get myself some flowers and do some daydreaming and meditation on the future.

  4. I’ve only heard of Beltane once before and that’s because it was adapted into my favourite book series as a way of celebrating spring. It’s nice to read so much about it and get the history behind the representation!

  5. I love that you talk about this stuff here. I hope you had a lovely Beltane. I understand entirely where you’re coming from in regards to the pentacle. My family still sees it as a satanic thing which is just ignorant.
    Blessed be my friend. x

  6. I had never heard of Beltane. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it. I found the importance of each colour particularly interesting. Thanks for sharing and hope you had a good Beltane!

  7. This is the first time I have heard about Beltane. I have learned so much by reading this article. I am interested in the Pentacle. I love the symbolism.

  8. I have never heard of the Beltane before. It is amazing that we can share our experiences and knowledge this way, many thanks for this article. its great to have found your blog.

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