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The best pizza in Milan is only from “Beato Te Milano”


Whether in Milan you are passing through, for work or vacation, or you are staying there, because you live there permanently or temporarily, “Beato Te Milano” is the pizzeria to choose from.
12 types of dough, all highly digestible, from vegetable charcoal to raven corn. Here you will find a variety of gourmet and tasty pizzas, but also a menu that offers much more from hamburgers to classic italian cuisine.
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On the border between Milan and Corsico, in the deepest part of Lorenteggio, this area cannot be defined as central. During the day it’s animated by the numerous offices that arise here. But if you are looking for the best pizzeria in Milan, a trip to here is a must.
The building of the restaurant doesn’t invite you to enter. Anonymous and also particularly ugly, but once you enter the atmosphere changes.
A staircase will invite you to go up to discover you soon in a rustic and warm environment that makes you forget about being in Milan.
The restaurant offers two large dining room and even the disabled can however have access to the local, thanks to the presence of the lift.


The staff, however attentive and polite, doesn’t stand out for empathy.
It merely carries out its task precisely and punctually. Without however letting go to the more typical cuddle probably of smaller or other restaurants.
The large amount of place settings is also a reason for this lack, but despite this the quality of the dishes and the timing of the service are not in any way effective.


The menu offers a wide selection of dishes ranging from traditional Italian cuisine. From cold cuts and cheeses to pasta dishes (that vary from day to day and are communicated verbally).
The burger offer going from classics to gourmets, which with their generous portions combine flavor with the security of leaving the restaurant full.
However, the real highlight of the restaurant are the pizzas that you can order with the classic dough or with a surcharge with different doughs.
The doughs are all obtained with long levitations, to facilitate their digestibility, and offer not only different tastes but also properties to rely on.
To give some examples, we pass from the cereal and quinoa dough, with a low glycemic index, to that of hemp sativa, rich in antioxidants and vitamin E.


$ 56.00 for three people for:
– margherita pizza (classic dough) $ 7.00
– pizza 4 seasons (classic dough) $ 9.00
– bacon cheesburger $ 13.00
– medium draft beer $ 5.00
– 2 small draft beers $ 6.50
– pistachio cheese no cake $ 8.00
– NJutella tiramisu $ 8.00

“Beato Te Milano”
Website: https://beatotemilano.it
Email: info@beatotemilano.it
Via Sant’Anatalone 16
20147 Milan
Price: $$

32 thoughts on “The best pizza in Milan is only from “Beato Te Milano”

  1. I have been craving authentic Italian pizza for such a long time! I will hopefully make it to Italy this summer, so if I make it to this area, I will make sure to check it out!

  2. That pizza crust looks amazing! And I have never heard of charcoal, hemp, or raven corn crusts. All very interesting. I have always wanted to go to Italy (actually most of Europe). Maybe someday I will get there.

  3. You have no excuse, if you come to Milan to “Beato Te” to eat pizza. You can also choose from 12 types of dough, which do you prefer?
    – classic
    – cereals
    – soy
    – organic kamut
    – whole wheat
    – charcoal
    – hemp sativa
    – cereals and quinoa
    – pistachio di Bronte DOP
    – raven corn

  4. I haven’t yet been to Milan, but I do know that eating pizza in Italy can’t be beat! What I didn’t know is just how many variations of pizza dough were possible! Thanks for the restaurant tip 😉

  5. I would also like to experience that classic pizza it really looks appetizing. I’m a pizza lover and this really makes my mouth drool. I also like to taste not just pizza but a really classic italian cuisine. Love to visit there someday. Maybe have a date with my husband and roam around Italy.

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