Those who have followed me for a while will know how much the moon phases are an integral part of my project: from the publication of articles on the blog, as well as for the organization of my days. The Moon Planner, freebies from newsletter, is an example of what our wonderful satellite can help us achieve the best results when we take care of ourselves.
It’s a fact that self-care could be considered to all intents and purposes a full-time job, that’s why my mini guide today is the perfect basis to use to plan your gestures beauty.
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Haircut according to the Moon

Cutting your hair is mainly expressed in the desire to change your look, but in reality it’s also a healthy gesture for the hair.
Moon phases have always been a useful suggestion to obtain the best results, you may not believe it, but objectively since I started following the lunar rhythms I have been able to notice a clear improvement in the care and maintenance of the cut.
It’s also essential to wash your hair correctly and regardless of the shampoo you can choose, according to your type of scalp, it’s important to focus on conditioner.
Prefer one that is as natural as possible, this of Natura Siberica is vegan at 96%, as well as having a protective action from negative effects of the external environment such as smog and fine dust.

  • 4 Phases x 4 Results

1. During the First Quarter of the Crescent Moon it’s possible to make a cut that promotes rapid hair growth.
2. If you want the cut to last longer, it must be done during the waning phase, after the two days of the Full Moon. In this phase it’s also possible to dye white hair, to delay its regrowth.
3. In the period of Full Moon or New it’s strongly not recommended to cut hair.
4. Not only does the Moon affect the results, but also the time. Always prefer the time slot from 12:00 to 18:00.


Depilation and Scrub

  • Scrub

To have a smooth and silky skin, the scrub should be performed at least once a week, however if you have sensitive skin it’s better every 10/15 days.
This exfoliation aims to promote cell renewal, eliminating dead cells. The massage that the scrub involves, moreover, helps circulation and toning.
In case of oily skin and prone to impurities it’s optimal, but not in the acne phase. And what about hair removal? When to do it? Before!
Exfoliation brings out the hair under the skin, making hair removal more effective. However, it should always be performed days apart to avoid irritation.
For effective, but delicate results is excellent emollient scrub of Ryor with sugar.

Depilazione e Scrub

  • Hair Removals

When it comes to this topic, it’s important to keep in mind that dermatologists advise girls to start shaving strictly after menarche, even better after 16 when the cycle has stabilized.
But when is the best time? It depends on the method!
1. Waxing: during the menstrual cycle, when the growth of the hair bulb has slowed down.
2. Razor: in the evening before going to sleep.
3. Epilator: as for waxing it is advisable to use it during the period of menstruation, but it’s advisable to alternate this method with others.
4. Pulsed Light: don’t expose the skin to the sun in the days before the treatment, which must be performed 2-3 days after shaving.
5. Laser: has the same indications as pulsed light, however it gives better results in autumn-winter.
Personally having a very sensitive and fair skin, I rely on the “Gilette Venus Swirl Extra Smooth “ razor. From the easily replaceable heads, the lubricating strip on them releases treating substances that don’t irritate, but rather hydrate, the skin.

Timing for the Shower and Oral Hygiene

  • Oral Hygiene

Since childhood we are taught that teeth should be brushed after every meal or before going to sleep. In detail, they should be washed and brushed for at least 2 minutes, in the morning as soon as you get up and in the evening before going to sleep.
It’s also right to wash them after each meal, but after waiting at least 30 minutes from the end, especially if you have consumed acidic foods or drinks. This is because they attack the enamel and brushing the teeth would mean moving them inside the oral cavity, risking further damage.
This rule doesn’t apply to breakfast because the night is the best time for bacteria, in fact less saliva is produced during sleep and therefore the acidic foods consumed in the morning could attack the enamel and the gums when they are weaker.
For a white smile, a fresh breath, but above all to protect the dental enamel, I choose the toothpaste “Special Wonder White” by Spalt.

  • Shower

It’s a daily ritual that is divided into two moments, according to preferences: morning or evening. But when is it better to take a shower?
In the morning it helps to wake up, preferably with hot water to raise the body temperature that has dropped during sleep, or cold water if you are looking for a burst of energy to promote blood circulation, especially in the legs. However, it also has its negative aspects as in the morning we are always in a hurry and this risks not making us wash properly. At the same time, due to its strong relaxing effect, it’s not suitable for starting the day with a sprint.
Different speech for the evening as it helps to reconcile sleep. Also recommended for allergy sufferers, as it is ideal for removing pollen and dust collected from skin and hair throughout the day.
My choice for an energizing and invigorating shower is the gel passion fruit shower by Nature Box and the right compromise regarding timing? Wash twice a day with two short 10-minute showers in the morning and evening, without washing your hair. For these follow this simple pattern according to your scalp:
1. Dry (curly or thick): maximum 2 times a week with moisturizing products.
2. Grease (fine): every other day with products for frequent washing and limiting the use of conditioner on the tips.
3. Normal (normal): 2 times a week.

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