Terzi Palace: Where History Hasn’t Stopped Flowing

Authentic and rich in history. Cosmopolitan and ancient. They are the two opposite and beautiful faces of Bergamo Alta, where Terzi Palace is hidden among its narrow streets. Venetian architecture overlooking the city.
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The history of Terzi Family

The Terzi family has always been at the center of Bergamo’s history and are lived in the city since before the year 1000. Here, over time and throughout history, they became among the regents of the Municipality.
The most illustrious character of the family was Ottobono Terzi who was Captain of Gian Galeazzo Visconti. Other prominent figures of the family has been Giovanni Terzi. He followed the ecclesiastical career and participated in the Council of Trent.

The architecture of the building

Terzi Palace stands out for its original architecture which challenges numerous construction problems. First of all, the difficulty of erecting the palace on a site occupied by pre-existent Renaissance buildings.
Its location also complicated the development of the gardens. This didn’t prevent Terzi family from predispose a garden distributed over various levels over time.

Info Point

The Palace can be visited with groups of minimum 15 people on reservation during the year.
The entrance fee is 7 € per person.

Sweet dreams: Casa Fiore it’s located just 500 meters from Palazzo Terzi and directly in the upper town. With a welcoming and familiar style, it offers all the essential services plus many other functional ones such as wi-fi, TV, washing machine and heating. ($ 79 per night).
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Delicious treats: Among the narrow streets of the center it’s impossible not to stop by Lalimentari. Its menu offers the specialties of the city, but with that modern touch that doesn’t betray tradition. (Piazza Vecchia 8)
Instead for a coffee break or aperitif you must go the Caffé della Funicolare. A refined and retro atmosphere with overlooking the whole city. (Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe 1)

17 thoughts on “Terzi Palace: Where History Hasn’t Stopped Flowing

  1. I did some traveling in Europe about 10 years ago and the work that went their buildings, furniture, etc. is amazing! The style is so different in that part of the world – it’s beautiful to see as a traveler. I can’t wait to go back, hopefully I’ll be able to take a peek at this place!

  2. I’m glad I amazed! I love to tell the least “popular” places in Europe, those that come out of the usual destinations to suggest ideas for a future non-convention holiday, but equally full of wonder.
    However I take this opportunity to invite, to those interested,
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  3. Wow! I actually haven’t heard of this place before. I really need to visit Italy once again to try and experience all of the history that has happened there. Looks like an incredible destination.

  4. Terzi Palace would be a great place to travel over there in Italy. I like history and classic architecture which carry stories, and your pictures are impressive

  5. It never ceases to amaze me, all of the details and paintings and gold and wood carving etc all over Europe. The level of craftsmanship is something you see so little of these days!

  6. Oh man I am truly loving this wonderful post 🙂 The Terzi Palace is a place that I would love to visit and walk through. I grew up in Charleston SC and visited many of the historic homes a d plantations there and there is something about historical places that calls to me. This is the perfect place for me and will have to try and get there soon 🙂

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