Supreme Whiteness: Styles and Inspirations

White color is the great classic of the summer season. Ideal for suffering less from the heat, the Boho Chic solution is the best known and most worn. This clothing, comfortable and relaxed, must not deceive for its simplicity. It’s a minimal designed in detail to give the wearer a refined and glamorous appearance.
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Brunello Cucinelli
/ Skirt “Blanc Du Nil” / Top “H&M” /


Brunello Cucinelli is an Informal Sartorial, which identifies sophisticated outfits with soft features. British elegance. The same that over the years has characterized Burberry which now tries to modernize it in a more street style. All this without renouncing the exoticism and inspirations that come from India.
There are two Pre-Collections, however, that break dogmas and rules. Let’s talk about the Spring/Summer ones of Giamba and I’m Isola Marras. The first leaves no stone unturned, with a clear homage to the 70s and its shabby fake style. While the second comes out of the screens and offers outfits in pure manga style, unconventional and colorful.
Finally Amen, which bewitches, with boldness and refinement, to tell a woman as provocative as she is sought after.

/ Blouse “Boho Treasures Of Nature” / Bekt “Kiabi” /

I’m Isola Marras
/ Dress “Boho Treasures Of Nature” / Sandals “InBlu” /

/ Dress “Tally Wejil” / Bag “Kiabi” / Earrings “H&M” /


The make-up chosen for this series of outfits focuses on light, mainly on the eyes and with a light and impalpable game of highlighting on the skin. The bold lipstick takes away some innocence from the candid message that white brings with it while adding character to the looks.
For the central shoes were the sandals, always with a touch of gold inside. The same goes for the bag, a similar envelope clutch with shoulder strap, ideal for day and evening.
Last but not least, the wide-brimmed straw hair. An evergreen inevitable.

/ Skirt “Blanc Du Nil” / Top “Tally Wejil” / Sandals “InBlu” /

31 thoughts on “Supreme Whiteness: Styles and Inspirations

  1. I actually just bought some white jeans which is the complete opposite of my usually style! I’m really excited to use these tips and match them for a great outfit

  2. I have a few white dresses in my closet and I wear them when the weather is hot/humid. I like the styles and the tips you mentioned when wearing white outfits. I will keep them in mind.

  3. White dresses are very versatile and go to any occasion and season. I love these pieces that you’ve chose. White dresses remind me of the summer season!

  4. I am having a hard time fitting the boho style outfits because I am just too conscious of my body. Given these tips, I think I can start to rock that style now with confidence.

  5. I really like all of your looks. The shot of you by the river is very pretty. To be honest, I never knew there was a rule about white after Labor Day. LOL

  6. I am loving these inspired looks. I wish we had better weather here because I’d love to check out the knitted ‘tank top.’ Maybe next year when the sun is back out!

  7. I’ve always loved a white outfit. It seems to flatter everyone and it just looks so clean! I love these dresses you’ve shared, so pretty!

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