Summer time with Notino

Summer time with Notino. Time to start preparing for sun exposure, but do it with intelligence and preserving our skin health. Such as? Through very simple advice, most of the time unaware of most!


The self-tanning product is a practice that is not advised when it is done thoughtlessly because it puts the health of the skin at risk, but it can be a good ally if used correctly.
Before sun exposure it is possible to use a self-tanning mousse all over the body to ensure that the skin already has a slightly darker shade and therefore have an advantage over the tan.
Therefore the St. Moriz products are excellent, less the oil-free self-tanning tans that attract the sun recklessly and lead to an inevitable burn.
Rating 4/5

Even sunscreens must be chosen with the same criteria of attention and knowledge. Often we are deceived by phrases such as “low protection”, “medium protection” and “high protection” which in reality do not mean anything and do not identify in any way the real degree of protection of a sunscreen.
Sunscreens do not have lower or higher protections based on the number, such as 8 or +50, but based on how long they are worn.
Those who work within the sunscreen production environment know this and I share that secret with you.
All sunscreens have the same protection factor that changes based on the number reported on the statement. This number is simply multiplied by five to find out the effective duration of protection of the cream. Do you want examples?
Protection 8: 8×5 = 40 minutes
Protection 30: 30×5 = 1 hour and 50 minutes
Protection 50: 50×5 = 2 hours and 50 minutes
By doing this you will always know how much you will be protected based on the sun protection you choose. It is important to say that once wet all the protection ceases to exist, even if a solar is sold as water resistant, so it’s always better to put it back and from that moment recalculate the protection time.
Also very important is the after-sun cream which is often ignored or considered unimportant and which instead helps us to maintain a tan as well as a constantly moisturized skin.
Among the best products in circulation in this area I would recommend Roc Soleil Protect protective moisturizing milk spray SPF +50 and Avène Sun After Sun after-sun repairer treatment.
Rating 5/5

Very important is also the care of the hair that on vacation becomes of vital importance as they are stressed by atmospheric events, such as sun and wind, but also and above all by saltiness (besides chlorine). Therefore it is important not to choose any shampoo, but a specific one and the best that I can recommend is the Ziaja Gdan Skin moisturizing and protective shampoo to which obviously combine an ultra moisturizing balm and a restructuring hair mask.
Rating 4.5/5

23 thoughts on “Summer time with Notino

  1. I’ve never noticed a sunscreen classified as low, medium or high protection. The only ones I’ve seen have the SPF rating listed on them along a statement that it is broad spectrum (if it applies). Our doctor recently suggested ones with zinc in them too.

  2. I try to wear sunscreen every day. I’ve also made a conscious effort to buy lip products that contain SPF since we tend to forget about our lips, as well as our hair, which why I love trying out hair products that protect my hair and scalp.

  3. I work in a drug store and I have to keep reminding the customers that you have to keep reapplying sun screen throughout the day. They think they can apply it once and still be covered.

  4. I am still in a process of finding the right shampoo for my hair. That’s a good knowledge on sunscreen. Something I need to consider.

  5. Interesting review. Great that you shared ypur experience with your readers. It will help me greatly in choosing what product suits me.

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