Contrary to what we are led to believe, locking yourself up indoors and depriving yourself of the energy of the sun and the outdoors is extremely harmful to your health. Even more so in a season like spring, a turning point to favor a harmonious development of the human being. Small, but important notions that favor one’s psycho-physical well-being and like a flower blossom and be reborn stronger and more aware.
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The Cons of the Mask on the Outside

According to the declaration of the World Health Organization, the mask worn outside doesn’t in any way demonstrate an impediment to the transmission of the virus.
Randomized Canadian and Australian studies have shown that the accumulation of pathogenic germs on the outer surface of the masks can significantly increase the risk of self-contamination.
The exhaled air is steam at 36 ° C which, if retained by the mask, transforms it into a germ incubator, this is because it can harness the virus between its meshes. As long as it’s in the throat it’s well kept in sight by our immune system which manages to block it, but once exhaled and inhaled through the nose it ends up in the alveoli which, without protection, make it from asymptomatic to symptomatic.
Correct use, inside, is surgical and washable masks and to change them every 2 hours . All without ever placing them anywhere, or folding them and keeping them in your pocket or bag.


Photo by ©Hannah Busing

A Boost of Vitamin D

Mind and body are inextricably linked, which is why the frustration of having to stay indoors and not being able to do anything creates anxiety and depression. Going out and living outdoors therefore becomes fundamentally, not only because the air outside isn’t stale but it’s pure and clean, but also because sunlight is the best ally a human being can have.
Exposure to the sun in fact involves the production of vitamin D and when this isn’t possible, because in the winter months, for example, the sun is less strong although it’s always present, it should be taken through supplements. All of this contributes to a stronger immune system.

Photos by ©Francisco Andreotti & ©Noah Blaine Clark

The Insomnia of Spring

There are many positive aspects of this season, in fact we are more inclined to physical activity and consequently to a calorie consumption that leads to losing weight. A situation of general well-being which, however, in some cases, can have its side of the coin.
This is insomnia. The main causes of this seasonal disease is due to the numerous changes that are faced during the spring.
How to fight this ailment? Definitely avoiding the afternoon nap, stopping using technological devices (which emit blue light) at least an hour before bedtime and finally relying on melatonin . The same can be assimilated through supplements, but sun exposure certainly helps too.


Photo by ©Hannah Busing

Train the Good Mood

  • Social Approach

Looking at the smile on people’s faces is the first gesture that brings happiness, in fact doing this and smiling in first person creates a rush of endorphins which is the primary ingredient good humor.
But what else are the advice of the experts? sociability on everything!
Aristotle defined the human being a “social animal” because without contact with each other the human being loses the ability to define his own identity. Research, in the field of neuroscience and psychology, confirms this. Indeed, they also came to the conclusion that the brain development that led to the transformation from primates to humans isn’t only a consequence of the improvement of reasoning processes, but following the thread of the social game. Depriving the human being of sociality is equivalent to pushing him towards the loss of his own identity, transforming the One into Nobody just as Pirandello said in his “One, None, One Hundred Thousand!” .

  • Awaken the Consciousness

Finally, another piece that makes up the puzzle of good humor is given by the expansion of the 5 senses. Walking in a park or in the open countryside involves them all. The touch of the grass under your feet, the sense of smell of the scents you are surrounded by, the hearing for the sounds of nature, the sight to free yourself from the colors of spring and the taste to enjoy its fruits.
Awakening the senses is the first step to awakening consciousness , connecting with the energies around you and returning to observe the world with new eyes.