The best way to take care of your immune system doesn’t reside in the least in the masks, which on the contrary make it worse and lower its defenses, but in simple gestures and attentions. Following a varied and balanced diet and breathing deeply, preventing the waste emanating from the nose from re-entering the mouth, and this is what happens with the masks, is a good start. It’s also, if necessary, by taking adequate food supplements. If for the latter at the bottom of the article I will make a small parenthesis on which to assume, now I would like to focus on another aspect: what factors lower the immune system?

Wrong Lifestyles

It certainly cannot be said that the reality we live in is relaxing, it was not once and if possible now it has gotten worse. This stressful lifestyle leads the body to produce excessive amounts of cortisol which puts the immune system in trouble. How? Reducing the amount of protein needed for communication between its different cells.
This causes a decrease in the production of lymphocytes, real warriors that neutralize potentially harmful agents within the organism.

Environmental Pollution

Another factor that should not be underestimated are the micro particles typical of atmospheric pollution.
They easily penetrate the respiratory tract and consequently into the bloodstream and are then transported throughout the body, triggering the inflammatory response of the immune system.
By recognizing them as enemies to attack, the body does so by weakening and becoming progressively more ineffective.
However, these micro particles pass into the masks that some decide to wear, of whatever type they are, so the only way to counter this problem is a more ecological and sustainable society.

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Incorrect Sleep Health

Insomnia is a great enemy of health, but also wrong sleep/wake rhythms. In fact, during sleep the immune system produces cytokines and antibodies and the absence of adequate and regular rest negatively affects their production.
To weaken the immune level, there are also emotional and psychological shocks, states of nervousness and mood alterations. All these facts reduce the protective capacity and cause problems in the immune, endocrine and nervous systems of regulation .

Wrong Feed

When it comes to a varied and balanced diet, it always seems to mean something obvious, but that’s not the case. Eating varied allows you to take the right quantities of proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients. This will have a positive impact on the body making it stronger and healthier.

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Intestinal Flora Alteration

The microbiota of the intestine, the complex system of good microorganisms that resides within it, mediates and regulates the immunity of the organism while also taking care of the metabolic hormonal regulation.
When an imbalance of the same occurs, the intestinal microbiota is no longer able to act as a shield against external attacks of the digestive system and nor to participate in the production of molecules that regulate the immune defenses.

Oxidative Stress

This occurs when excessive accumulation of free radicals occurs in the body, thus causing damage to tissues and cell membranes.
Free radicals are formed as a reaction to stress, excessive alcohol consumption, unbalanced diet, cigarette smoking and environmental pollution . This alters the immune response by lowering its defenses.

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