A disturbed sleep or worse, insomnia , have become the life companions of many people. A growing disturbance among the world population that is gradually leading to a significant deterioration in the quality of life. However, there is a sleep hygiene that can come to the rescue. Ten simple rules to know, follow and integrate into your routine.
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Photo by ยฉVladimir Mokry

The 10 Steps for Ideal Sleep Hygiene

  • 1. Regular Sleep Times

Going to bed and getting up at more or less always at the same time allows you to better control your biological clock.

  • 2. The Quality of the Bedroom

Having a room as comfortable as possible and isolated from light and noise will have a positive effect on sleep quality.

  • 3. Pay Attention to the Temperature

An underestimated factor that can instead affect sleep. Too cold or too hot are sworn enemies of rest.

  • 4. No Smartphone or Tablet

Together with the TV, they emit blue light, which has a negative effect on the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

  • 5. Clear the Mind

As difficult as it’s always, going to sleep with your head full of thoughts affects your ability to fall asleep. A good way to give it a try and read a book before bed.

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  • 6. Limit Caffeine

The same can cause difficulties in falling asleep, as well as frequent awakenings and light sleep. Last coffee should be taken at least six hours before bedtime.

  • 7. Avoid alcohol

Although it leads to falling asleep, its collatoral effect is that it increases awakenings in the second part of the night.

  • 8. Stop Nicotine

Not only is smoking bad for your health but also for sleep as it causes insomnia.

  • 9. Yes to Exercise

Excellent sleep aid it’s good to practice it at least 4 hours compared to the time in which you go to bed.

  • 10. Eat at Regular Times

Going to bed with a full stomach or hungry is equally wrong. In the latter case, a light cue is advisable, focusing on carbohydrates and foods that contain tryptophan (natural amino acid that promotes sleep) such as milk, cheese, fish, turkey or bananas.

Photo by ยฉVladimir Mokry

The Benefits of Good Sleep

Sleeping well improves and helps make decisions easier , has excellent results also on sports performance , promotes the immune system and finally has a positive effect on the skin reducing wrinkles .
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