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January is par excellence the heart of winter , the moment when the most bitter cold puts the skin to the test. How to take care of it correctly?
With the first days of intense cold, the skin often goes into crisis due to wind, humidity and above all thermal changes in terms between the external and internal environment. All this because the skin constitutes a sort of interface between the body and the surrounding environment, contributing to the active control of various functions including thermoregulation, aimed at maintaining a stable internal body temperature.
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What Kind of Skin do you Have?

1.How do you feel your skin after using the cleanser?

B)Slightly shiny
C)Soft and smooth
D)Polished in the T zone
E)Red or blotchy

2.How visible are the pores?

A)Almost invisible
B)Clearly visible
C)Closely visible
D)Clearly visible in the T zone
E)Any one of these answers

3.How much does nutrition affect?

A) Drinking alcohol makes my skin drier
B)It looks greasier when I eat fried foods
C)I can eat what I want without “side effects”
D)I have T-Zone rashes and don’t eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
E)Spiced food causes me irritation

4.What is it like without the moisturizer?

A)Dry and tight
C)More or less normal
D)Polished in the T zone

RESULTS (majority of …)

A)Dry Skin
B)Oily Skin
C)Normal Skin
D)Mixed Skin
E)Sensitive skin


Cleansing and Cleaning

Skin cleansing must be carried out on the whole body, bath or shower, at least 2-3 times a week especially for the most exposed parts (hands,face,neck) or those on which sweat and other secretions accumulate.
The skin must therefore be washed often, but it must not be excessively degreased so as not to remove the lipid film.
By virtue of this I have chosen the liquid soap for the hands of Farmona , the “Tutti Frutti – Banana and Gooseberry”, which washes hands effectively removing impurities and bacteria, but on the other hand it nourishes the skin leaving it hydrated.
In addition, I would also recommend the natural sea sponge for cleansing the face of Magnum which guarantees a deep cleansing, but in a gentle way so as not to irritate the skin.


The Hydration Manual

The atmospheric agents of this season attack the hydrolipidic film which acts as a protective barrier for the skin. This layer, disappearing due to the cold, risks causing dehydration, imperfections and irritation.
To maintain hydration, starting with nutrition, it’s important to remember to drink at least 1 liter of water per day. Then a correct intake of fruit and vegetables is important, preferring foods that contain Vitamin A such as carrots, pumpkins, rocket, tomatoes, spinach and apricots.
For the outdoors, here are some practical tips:

  • Face

It’s advisable to apply a greasy cream during the day and a thin one at night , as well as at least once a month a mask that is chosen from: nourishing, purifying , relaxing and anti-aging.
Excellent the one in 3 phases of the Missha for a deep cleansing of the face, without sacrificing hydration and radiance.
Burt’s Bee instead the treatment for skin imperfections, the order of the day when it comes to acne.

  • Mouth

For the lips choose products with natural emollient extracts , such as lip balm with Madagascar vanilla from Bagder. Always in the mouth area, pay particular attention to the sides of the mouth where dryness could be symptoms of atopic dermatitis or due to the use of some cosmetics that may contain allergenic substances.

  • Feet

Although they are considered “safe” closed in shoes, in reality for this very reason they suffer a lot. The lower extremities, after a particularly cold day, can be pampered with a thyme foot bath, green tea or aloe vera, from relaxing, antiseptic and moisturizing properties.
It’s also important to do a scrub once and finish the treatment with a moisturizing balm , such as that of Badger which deeply hydrates, regenerating the skin and healing cracked skin.

17 thoughts on “Skin & Cold by Notino

  1. Your post is a great reminder that we should be focusing on our skin in each part rather than everything at once like each part is the same.

  2. These are some very helpful tips and some great advice. I didn’t know too much, but skincare is so important! I’ll definitely keep these tips in mind.

  3. Thank you for all this wonderful information. My skin definitely suffered with the weather change so this will all be very helpful

  4. This is so important to remember for our skin’s health. It needs so much extra love during the winter months when the weather is so, so hard on it.

  5. My skin gets so dry in the winter. I need to make sure I use plenty of moisturizer. I use lots of lip balm for my lips!

  6. I was having a half-full glass of water next to me and when I got to the part where you should drink at least 1 liter of water I drank it all. I am not a huge fan of creams because they make my skin feel oily and greasy, but this winter I discovered a new brand and their creams are amazing. So I think finding the right product for you is really important. I also like that you have that tiny quiz to find out what type f skin you have.

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