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Sicily: The Filmmaker of Wine

Film and wine, an all-Italian combination to pay homage to the most beautiful peninsula in the world and a unique island of its kind: Sicily. One of the most fascinating places I have ever visited and that I have chosen for this journey between flavors and emotions. It’s this island that is the backdrop to many classic films and, of course, the home of many wines of character and expression. Are you ready to go?
Guest Post by Luciana Dias of Gossip Wine.

Photos by ©Alex Blăjan & ©Corina Rainer

Cinema Paradiso – Giuseppe Tornatore

Cinema Paradiso is filmed in Cefalù, a small town 70 kilometers from Palermo. A stone village whose cathedral dates back to the 12th century.
From here the boats leave for the Aeolian Islands and you can taste their magnificent brioches filled with ice cream or the typical Sicilian cannoli.
It isn’t a place to go through, it’s a place to live. How to do it best? With a meditation wine such as a white muscat, delicate and floral. A sweet accompaniment, like the music of Ennio Morricone, for an equally magnificent film. The choice falls on wines such as Noto and Siracusa DOC with fruity notes such as peach and/or pineapple.

Photos by ©Roberta Sorge & ©Alina Fedorchenko

Il Padrino – Francis Ford Coppola

Savoca, an immaculate medieval village near Taormina, acts as a substitute for Corleone. It’s here that you can visit the Bar Vitelli, which looks exactly like in the film, and see the exact place where Al Pacino reveals to Apollonia’s father his name Michael Corleone and utters the fateful quote “There are people who would pay a lot of money for that information, but then your daughter would lose a father instead of gaining a husband”.
How to match the fortress of the film? With Norello Mascalese, a fleeting and intense wine with a hint that maintains its vigor for years and remains enveloping. It has the intense aroma of cherries and a touch of tobacco.

Photos by ©Jacob Buchhave & ©Laura Chouette

Malena – Giuseppe Tornatore

Set in the years of the Second World War, it’s the story of the crazy passion that a boy, Renato Amoroso, has for the most beautiful and desired woman in the country: Malèna. While Renato discovers sexuality by imagining Malèna, from time to time, as Jane of Tarzan, Cleopatra, a gangster or the beauty of barber calendars, Malèna lives her parable as a young wife, then a widow.
In this film, the splendid actress Monica Bellucci walks through the square of Syracuse, while the small church of Ortigia is the background.
The baroque city with its unique and irresistible charm is combined with Carricante. A wine that can be delicate and seductive at the same time. Refined, elegant and mineral it will be impossible to resist.

Photos by ©Kevin Kelly & ©Juli Kusolapova

Il Gattopardo – Lucchino Visconti

Among the cult films shot in Sicily, Il Gattopardo could not be missing. Here Burt Lancaster dances with Claudia Cardinale in one of the most famous scenes of the same. The scene was shot in an 18th century palace in Via Croce dei Vespri, in the center of Palermo. It was Prince Pietro Valguarnera who commissioned the construction more than 300 years ago to glorify the heyday achieved by his family.
Imposing and beautiful, it’s one of the oldest palaces on the island, with red Castellammare marbles, gold columns and row rooms that rival Versailles.
Malvasia delle Lipari is the perfect wine to reflect so much opulence and richness. Golden and with amber reflections, it has a sweet and harmonious flavor. Not for nothing was Malvasia called the “nectar of the gods”.

Which of these films is your favorite? And which wine best reflects your tastes?

Photo by ©John Murzaku

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