Shiny Nude Look by Pixi

Nude look is the quintessential exaltation of simplicity and naturalness. However, not everything that appears easy is really easy. It takes care and attention for a result that is only falsely genuine.
Without exaggeration, but with great attention, everything focuses on the brightness of the complexion and the depth of the gaze. Lips? Greedy natural.
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Attention to the Look

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, but to emphasize them consistently with a nude make-up, you need to focus on the right combinations.
Choosing dusty and easily blendable eyeshadows is the secret to the right make-up, but combinations are also very important:
bronze, gold and copper for brown eyes;
warm and rosy colors for blue eyes;
all shades of brown, preferably warm, for green eyes.

Among eye shadow sticks, with more or less bright colors, and wow effect lashes, it’s worth taking a look at Pixi‘s “Endless Shade Stick” and “Large Lash Mascara”.

Kiss-Proof Lips

The gluttony of the lips is obtained with colors that, oscillating between light shades and other more decisive ones, always give the idea of ​​a light and velvety touch.
Nude lipsticks blend in with the complexion and really give the impression of a soap and water look. Pinks are suitable if you are looking for a romantic look and red if you want to dare while always remaining sober.


A wide range of choice is offered by Pixi‘s glossy lip plumper with the “LipLift Max” line available in many shades.

Power to the Light

The most important piece of all, however, is linked to the complexion that must absolutely be bright!
No layering resulting from contouring, highlighting and so on and so forth. No excessively opaque foundation and/or exaggeration with concealers and powders. Everything must be balanced.

The best choice is a multi palette such as Pixi‘s “Summer Glow” which offers a variety of natural and earthy colors that enhance the face in a natural way. Between light and mat.

#PixiPerfect Look Challenge

Ready to take up the gauntlet? Share your Nude Look by Pixi on Instagram by tagging @PixiBeauty and #PixiOnTheGlow and win the chance to collaborate with the brand!

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27 thoughts on “Shiny Nude Look by Pixi

  1. I love the nude and refresh looks and yours is so well done! I always laugh because of the effort and technique needed to create this amazing look and I know the products are a huge part of the overall process. Pixi Beauty is new to me, but something I will have to look into, especially after seeing their range of fun products.

  2. I’m not really a fan of wearing makeup but I do have much respect for people who are so good at wearing them. You look absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  3. Your comments are all very kind. Honestly, I don’t consider myself so good in make-up, but over time I have understood and studied how to enhance myself and what suits me best (and I offer these skills in my Beauty Coach service!).
    That said for those who have never tried Pixi, do it. All products are cruelty free and rich in natural properties.

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