Self-Determination According to Gucci

Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci defines fashion: «The way you dress is the way you feel, the way you live, what you read, your choices».
It’s through his maximalist, queer and surreal aesthetic that this fashion visionary not only brings a show to the headlines, but above all a message: «Fashion has the task of showing fields of possibility, suggesting clues and openness, cultivate promises of beauty, offer testimonies and prophecies, make every form of diversity sacred, nourish an indispensable capacity for self-determination».
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Is Fashion an Instrument of Resistance?

It’s starting from this question that one wonders whether the desire for emancipation and self-determination of fashion doesn’t itself risk imposing rules that commodify the sense of freedom.
The inspiration for the show, the Spring/Summer 2020 one, comes from the “Watch and Punish” essay by Foucault where the writer analyzes the control system through which power transforms everything into a physical and metaphorical prison. Hence, the collection has a liberating effect and tries to identify forms of resistance to this order through an aesthetic promise with a vintage flavor.
So what is the answer to the complex starting question? That fashion, yes, allows you to escape control, even that which arises from self-censorship.

/ Top “George” / Trousers “Piazza Italia” / Sneakers “Mistral” / Trench “Rinascimento”

Superficiality and Self-determination

The futility of fashion has always placed on the table the question of whether following it means in itself being a superficial person, as much as vain. In reality what it does is give each person a chance to express themselves in a precise and clear way. A awareness of oneself and one’s personality which, through creativity, expresses itself.
In detail, Alessandro Michele does a work of subtraction, letting the natural fluidity of the human being go further. So this collection is expressed through forays into the sports universe and pop references mixed with baroque elements. All in a varied color palette in which everyone can find ourselves.

/ Top “Bonprix” / Trousers “H&M” / Ankle Boots “Bata” / Bomber “Tally Wejil”

17 thoughts on “Self-Determination According to Gucci

  1. For me, however, I am not into trends but rather what makes me comfortable. Many people follow, or at least moms, follow my style. It’s just simple and uncomplicated, wash and wear kind of thing.

  2. I have always been a big fashion follower. I do not think it is something done in vain but something done in interest and trying to figure out what may and will work for you. Many people should feel comfortable expressing themselves through what they wear and do so proudly. Thank you for sharing this amazing post with us.

  3. I think fashion is great. I don’t really follow it but it’s a great way to express some creativity.

  4. I am not really into fashion but I did notice that indeed the way I dress is influenced by the way I feel. Some days are full of color, whilst other days are just plain black.

  5. This is so interesting! I usually do not think so much about fashion. I just wear whatever feels comfortable but it’s always good to read about designers’ point of view.

  6. The way one chooses to dress is certainly an expression of self- awareness. Like many people, I am limited in how I dress while at work, but away from the job, I can let the fashion sense shine.

  7. I love these looks. My daughter has always loved Gucci and she wears what she wants. She loves expressing herself!

  8. I’ve always thought that fashion offered us the ultimate freedom. We’re free to express ourselves through fabric and designs in whatever way we please, and I love that.

  9. I absolutley loved reading his take on fashion! I’ve been in the fashion industry since I was out of college, and I’ve always loved it for the freedom it offers us to be ourselves.

  10. This is a great post. I do not think following fashion trends is vain. I think it’s a great way for a person to feel great in their own skin and present their personality. I love that certain fashion trends do a full circle and come back into popularity.

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