Say You I’ll Be There Rave Vibes

Free as air. Escape moments between boundless deserts and rave parties. A long journey between music and the desire to dare.
Inspired by the video of the Spice Girls “Say You I’ll Be There” and its 90s atmosphere, we escape with iHeartRaves between fantasy dunes and passion sands.
You have to have the courage to dare, to let yourself go to the wildest and most saucy part of yourself to approach a bold style. But in equal measure that gives the freedom to express yourself without fear.
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Accessories to not go unnoticed

The choker. A 90s accessory that has come back overbearing on the scene in many different styles. Romantic, elegant and why not even bondage! It’s exactly this type that I choose, daring, but also romantic. A heart in the center of the throat that speaks of emotion and feelings.
But what would a festival look be without a touch of light? So here are the pins , back in fashion, they shine here becoming little points of light in your hair. Eyes wide open on the world ready to be amazed!

A look in Jolene sauce

I wide leg pants were a must in the 70s, then back in fashion in the 90s. A cheerful print and a style that defines who wears them brazenly, but also cheeky.
The romantic touch, however, comes from the crop top in a pastel blue, at times fairytale, but also mischievous. A neo Lolita ready to amaze.
In conclusion, the sandals very comfortable with the platform sole, but at the same time original with their mirror effect. Spatial inspiration and a great desire to be amazed into the rave.


Which piece is your favorite? Which one would you focus on to create your look? Tell me with a comment!

22 thoughts on “Say You I’ll Be There Rave Vibes

  1. Oh I love those bright coloured sandals, they will surely turn some heads around and they also look super comfortable. I would love to try these with a pure white dress and gather all attention towards my feet!

  2. I absolutely love those sandals! Perfect for the summer! I will have to check on how I can order them. Hopefully it would ship internationally! Those sandals are seriously cute!

  3. This outfit reminds me of my rave phase in the 90’s 🙂 I had pants just like these. You look amazing btw in this outfit. It’s fun, colorful and makes you cheerful …

  4. I noticed that your lipstick matches the color of your blouse and I love this combination. The pins are the perfect finishing detail to enhance your look! 🙂

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