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My Halloween Party

Halloween, or rather Samhain, is the most important sabbat of the year as it is the moment of remembrance, introspection and rebirth.
Samhain indicates the end of the “summer” half of the year as in antiquity indicav the last harvest before the snow.
This famous pagan festival today is famous with the name of Halloween, a contraction of the words Hallowed Evening or holy afternoon.
On this night of commemoration of the dead the best way to celebrate their lives and respect their memories is to gather with family and friends and honor their lives with stories and anecdotes.
This is how the “masks” worn on my Halloween Ball are nothing more than characteristic costumes that express themselves with codified gestures of our ancestors.
The digital invitations have already been sent and this year have been customized thanks to Paperpless Post.


What is Paperpless Post?

Earlier I anticipated that invitations for my party will be sent with Paperpless Post, but what is it?
A website where you can choose between different designs, many of which also include major brands like Oscar de La Renta or Kate Spade New York, among others, for unique and special invitations.
There are invitations or tickets for multiple occasions such as birthdays, weddings, parties or professional events and all are customizable.

How to celebrate Samhain?

This party is the time for play, group fun, jokes and teasing as Loki teaches, but also a moment to free yourself from your weaknesses. Here, then, that during the party all the guests will be given a postcard on which to write down all the bad things they want to get rid of and then burn them and let the ritual fire take them away.
Pumpkins, bats, cauldrons, candles and autumn leaves and flowers will decorate the environment while the colors of the “dress code” will be black, orange and red.
The evening will be enriched with traditional foods based on apples, potatoes, pork, walnuts, pumpkin and honey as well as being served cider, beer and mead.
How Death faces change in one’s life and inner transformation, because unlike what one believes this tarot never indicates a negative aspect, but more than anything else of change. Freedom of spirit and detachment from the past.
On the night of Samhain you load a crystal (recommended: obsidian, onyx or carnelian) of all your good intentions or goals that you want to reach and then always carry it with you, as the most effective of the amulets.
Happy Samhain!

Paperpless Post

My invitations

Obviously, being a Halloween party, I chose a themed design that recalls an old and obscure spell-free, but the funniest part is personalization!
In some postcards you can upload your own photo of your choice and then move on to everything else: formatting, size, font, or color.
Besides the postcard it is also possible to choose the envelope of which you choose: the background, the color of the lining and the color of the envelope itself.
In conclusion you write your address, the time of the event and any details. The recipients’ e-mail addresses are linked and sent or, on the contrary, you can also choose to have paper postcards.


Ultimately I found this really brilliant and useful service. Registration is free and some postcards are free, while others cost coins.
Coins are the currency with which you buy on the website, so I advise you to buy a pack of coins first and then start making your postcards.

Do you like Paperpless Post and the services it offers? Do you think you’ll use it?
The perfect Halloween make-up? Find it out here!

22 thoughts on “Samhain with Paperpless Post

  1. I really love attending party like this! The Paperpless was soooo cute and have a unique design! I really love your Hallooween costume, looks so pretty!

  2. Wow, there is so much information to acquire from this. I find it interesting seeing different ways of celebrating Halloween. Pretty awesome costume btw.

  3. Oh wow, that’s great information! I was wondering why people were saying Happy Samhain. I’ve noticed that every party I have been invited to in the past couple of years have been paperless invitations. I think it’s great and so easy to RSVP!

  4. I have tried to translate the words of your blog while using Google Chrome but for some reason not able to translate (sad). Anyway, I’m sure what you’re saying are all important to you and I respect your writings and beliefs.

  5. That was such a great read. The party planning was nice, but I was really interested in the information you shared about Halloween and what it means in your culture. Very cool.

  6. this is the first time I am reading something about Samhain tradition ts beautiful how rituals are celebrated and carry meaning in them thanks for sharing

  7. Great post! This sounds like an awesome service. I also appreciate and love how you included various ways to celebrate Samhain.

    I hope you had a happy and fun-filled Halloween.

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