Sabbioneta, on the set of the TV series "I Medici"

Discovering Sabbioneta

In the television series “Medici-Masters of Florence” it was the Renaissance Milan of the Sforza, in reality was the ideal city founded by Vespasiano Gonzaga Colonna. From Palazzo Giardino to the Synagogue, here is the tour of the city between history and art.
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Sabbioneta and Vespasiano Colonna Gonzaga

The story of Sabbioneta follows that of his most famous character, Vespasiano Colonna Gonzaga.
Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as trusted by the King of Spain Philip II, he was both Viceroy of Navarra and Valencia as well as knighthood of the Order of the Golden Fleece.
A skilled diplomat and leader, but also a scholar, patron and military architect, it took him thirty-five years to transform Sabbioneta from a simple rural village to an ideal city, following the humanistic principles of rationality and scientific coherence.

The unmissable of Sabbioneta

The Church of the Blessed Virgin Crowned which houses the mausoleum of Vespasiano Colonna Gonzaga, has an octagonal plan and follows the symbolism of infinity and salvation, founded on numerous biblical and historical references.
Inside it develops on three levels:
-first: formed by eight large arches separated by book pilasters;
-second: with a matroneum punctuated by mullioned windows and fluted pilasters;
-third: presenting a drum that supports the dome, completed by the luminous lantern, at thirty-eight meters high.
Ten minutes away, in Valle, I recommend the Osteria Valle Restaurant. A tasty and genuine break.
The restaurant is a little difficult to find, but worth the search. The moderate prices, $ 27 for a complete meal, offer traditional dishes and quality raw materials.

Useful information

The guided tour must be booked to this email indicating the name, person and day and time you are interested in (visits on Saturday and Sunday at 10AM and 3PM). The cost of the guided tour is $ 20,00 per person.

31 thoughts on “Sabbioneta, on the set of the TV series "I Medici"

  1. Seeing this reminded me of my trip to Italy 19 years ago! I would like to go back. Thanks for sharing this and bring a little bit of Italy to me.

  2. I remember in college I had the opportunity to go to Florence and I never did. I have regretted that ever since. I would love to visit there with all of the amazing artistry. So many amazing things to see. Beautiful pictures you have here.

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