Royal Vibes Between Parma & Cremona

Just 20 kilometers away, traveling between Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna, it’s possible to discover two wonderful historic residences. Although very different from each other, both provide a level of wonder worthy of note. It will be moving between one coast and the other of the Po that we will discover the Colorno Royal Palace and the Mina della Scala’s Castle.
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Colorno Royal Palace

The current appearance of the Royal Palace is due to the work of 1612 by Ranuccio Farnese . Subsequently the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza passed to the children of Elisabetta Farnese and of the King of Spain Philip V of Bourbon. It will be his son Filippo who, subsequently, with his wife Luisa Elisabetta, daughter of the King of France Louis XV, restores splendor to the whole complex.
It’s in this period that the nickname “Petite Versailles” was born, as the architectural dictates of the French palace where Luisa Elisabetta had grown up were given.
However, the wording of “Imperial Palace” was born by the work of Maria Luigia of Austria who imprints her taste on the ducal apartments and the large garden .
The Palace has arrived bare today because in the 800 Savoia’s family moved its furnishings between the Royal Palace of Turin and the Quirinale in Rome.

Mina della Scala’s Castle

The castle stands in the territory that once stood between the provinces of Cremona (Duchy of Milan) and Mantua (Duchy of Mantua) . Erected in 1595 by the Schizzi family as a summer residence.
Over time, the family carried out numerous interventions: in the mid-seventeenth century and in the first half of the eighteenth century the entire residential part was decorated with frescoes with a mythological theme and then in the neoclassical period the remittances were added (used for agricultural purposes) and the two entrance turrets (used as stables and service accommodation, now a hostel) .
The structure is intact, also due to the fact that the castle has always been inhabited, even today. Here the current owners carry out cyclical and continuous works to preserve their beauties and open them to the public through guided tours.

Info Point

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The Mina della Scala’s Castle can be visited by booking on their website.
Price: $ 10
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26 thoughts on “Royal Vibes Between Parma & Cremona

  1. Simply breathtaking. The architecture then were works of art unto themselves. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful sights!

  2. The architecture is amazing on both of them. I would love to visit, hopefully soon, during my near future trip to the North of Italy.

  3. I did not even know about the existence of this place! This is why I love visiting blogs from parts of the world! This is such a beautiful and magical place. Thanks for sharing.

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