Ricetto by Candelo & Masino Castle

Discovering Piedmont has always been an intrinsic place of history and more precisely in the province of Biella, where a few kilometers from each other there are two enchanting places: the medieval shelter of Candelo and the Castle of Masino.

Ricetto of Candelo

What is the Candelo ricetto? It is what in medieval times was considered a fortified place in a country where the assets of the local lord or the population accumulated and where occasionally the same retreated in case of attacks. That of Candelo is particularly famous because it is probably the best preserved in the world.
Inside the shelter there are about 200 buildings and the same was probably built between the end of the 13th century and the beginning of the 14th century when the community of Candelo made an act of spontaneous dedication to the House of Savoy.
A tourist destination with a particularly charming atmosphere, it is impossible not to take a walk and be enchanted by the beauty of its buildings, by the evocative craft activities present or simply by the awareness of being in a place of medieval wonder.
Inside the shelter during the year numerous events are organized and it is impossible not to stop for lunch in one of its suggestive inns, appointment HERE to find out in which I stopped myself!

Masino Castle

The castle was built in the 11th century at the behest of the Valperga family, a family that declared itself a descendant of the Arduino of Ivrea, as a fortress for defensive purposes until 1600. During this period the castle was destroyed and rebuilt several times in addition to be besieged twice by the French army.
It was Count Carlo Francesco I who changed the function of the castle from fortress to villa of delight for the Valperga family, while in the following century Count Carlo Francesco II, future Viceroy of Sardinia, embellished the interior following his own personal taste and fashions of the time. Going further a century, we arrive at Count Carlo Francesco III, who with his wife Eufrasia embellishes the exterior instead, building the park and the labyrinth which can still be visited today.
The castle was inhabited until 1988 when the son of Count Valperga, Luigi, decided to sell it to the FAI.

Useful information

The Ricetto of Candelo is totally free, unless you book guided tours of the same with the local tourist board. When you arrive in Candelo follow the signs to the shelter as there is a large parking lot outside where you can park.
Inside the shelter all the inns are closed on Saturdays for lunch except for one: the Locanda La Greppia.
The Castello di Masino provides a basic ticket for $ 12,40, thanks to which it is possible to visit, in a free way without a guide, numerous rooms in the residence of the first and second floor as well as the park and the labyrinth.
At the base visit it is possible to integrate other guided tours, which however change from period to period and which you can discover on the spot at the time when you make the ticket. We for example with a supplement of $ 5,65 we have visited the apartments of the western sleeve that include the apartment of the Queen.
The castle is constantly being restored to ensure maximum public accessibility and for this reason it is important to support and share the FAI’s initiatives.
Inside the castle it is possible to take pictures, but without a flash.

22 thoughts on “Ricetto by Candelo & Masino Castle

  1. Wow! Ricetto of Candelo looks amazing. That cobbled road and brick stone houses is very instagrammable and definitely the place that I would love to be photographed!

  2. What a beautiful destination to visit in Italy. I have actually just returned from a trip in which I explored the Trentino area of Italy. I would love to return and explore Piemonte as well.

  3. Thanks for bringing us to this place, I enjoyed reading and looking at those beautiful photos. Listed on my bucket. 🙂

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