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Vitamin C Collection by Pixi. The rich collection of Vitamin C has always been recognized as the most effective antioxidant against the degenerative effects of free radicals. Ascorbic acid revitalizes and improves the elasticity of the skin by stimulating the formation of collagen, as well as protecting it from ultraviolet rays and countering the toxic effects of substances such as smoke or pollution. Among other things it prevents stains due to aging and lightens existing ones. All good reasons to use this line full of benefits from the age of 20 onwards.
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Vitamin-C Lotion29,00 $
This moisturizing lotion has a strong lightening power, perfectly to counter stains, and increase the brightness of the skin.
Rating 4/5


Vitamin-C Serum32,00 $
This lightening and antioxidant serum reduces sun damage and free radicals, helping to improve skin tone.
Perfect to use after cleansing and toning the face.
Rating 4.5/5


Vitamin-C Tonic12,00 $
This tonic, without alcohol, has a powerful antioxidant power and increases the brightness of the skin.
The probiotics contained in it strengthen the skin barrier, while the extracts of willow bark gently exfoliate it.
Rating 4/5


Vitamin-C Caviar Balm29,00 $
This mask is a Vitamin C concentrate that promotes collagen production. Unlike other masks, it must be applied and absorbed without rinse.
Rating 4.5/5


Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser22,00 $
Clarifying and antioxidant cleansing water. Contains ferulic acid and probiotics that help preserve and protect the skin.
Rating 4/5

What is your favorite product of the Vitamin C Collection by Pixi?

33 thoughts on “Review Vitamin C Collection by Pixi

  1. It is not a secret that vitamin C has many benefits ,specially for the skin.Therefore having such bundle of Vitamin C rich beauty products is great.I really like all these…

  2. First time to hear about these products, I loved products with Vit C and these products looks like a good one for me to try.

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