Review #PixiPretties by Pixi

The Collection

#PixiPretties is the new Pixi collection created by some of the best beauty gurus of the moment, which mixes together natural products and glow shades for a super shine effect!
In the balance between unicorns and sirens this collection amazes with its bright colors and its sparkling colors.
Curious to discover all the products in the collection with me? Let’s begin!
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Heart Defensor

Eye Heart Palette – 20,00 $
Warm and enveloping shades that give shades of feeling and emotion. Colors that give security and captivate, for a woman who is not afraid to steal prying eyes.
Stop and Stare!
Rating 4/5

Rachh Loves

The Layers Highlighting Palette – 24,00 $
Sparkling highlights and multiple shades to create a totally personalized glow effect for the face, eyes or body. Powders to overlap and mix for a super shiny make up!
Layer, Mix & Create
Rating 4/5

Chloe Morello

Lip Icing – 14,00 $
Madly in love with these super sparkling lip glosses in sweet and kawaii colors as sweet temptations to taste.
Indigo, pink and fuchsia only some of the most beautiful colors!
Sweet sparkling love story!
Rating 4.5/5

Maryam Maquillage

Lit Kit – 18,00 $
Shine is the password for this kit consisting of an eyelid + a liquid lip! Persistent colors and unforgettable sparkles to prepare for the holiday season!
From Dusk till Dawn
Rating 4.5/5

From Head to Toe

Glow-y Powder – 16,00 $
Essential powders to always have in the beauty and to mix and apply on the upper part of the cheekbones, eyebrows and the inner corner of the eyes. The right final touch for an unforgettable makeup choice between warm and / or cold tones.
Glowing and Gorgeous
Rating 4/5


What is your favorite #PixiPretties product? I personally can’t choose! Having these products in my beauty case makes me seem to have fairy dust with indescribable powers to turn me into a wonderful princess! I’m falling in love!

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26 thoughts on “Review #PixiPretties by Pixi

  1. There seems to be a good range of colours in the collection and ones people are most likely to use. I’d love to try that lip liquid, it looks great!!!

  2. So I’m not much of a makeup person so I’ve never bought this brand. But I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE and I think the next time I need a new blush or concealer I’m going to check them out.

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