#PixiGlowStory by Pixi

#PixiGlowStory by Pixi. A radiant, soft and perfect skin? It is the dream of every woman and today through a specific Pixi treatment it is an attainable goal. 5 products that used in a specific way guarantee light and exfoliation to the skin for a young and radiant vison.


Glow Tonic Cleasing Gel18,00 $
It is a cleansing gel that removes impurities from the skin leaving it moisturized. Inside it contains glycolic acid, horse chestnut extract, aloe vera and ginseng.
The consistency of the gel is very liquid, like water, so a small nut is enough to wash the whole face. It does not foam and it is extremely delicate to leave the ultra soft skin.
Rating 4/5

Glow Tonic28,00 $
This facial toner deep cleans the pores eliminating impurities and excess sebum. With a very delicate efoliate action it is suitable for all skin types. Perfect to use in the morning and evening for a healthy and balanced skin inside it contains 5% glycolic acid, aloe vera and red ginseng.
The tonic burns slightly, but in a very delicate way due to its in-depth exfoliation action, however it dries quickly and leaves the skin visibly brighter and more silky to the touch.
Rating 4/5

Glow Tonic Serum24,00 $
This serum has a triple exfoliated, moisturizing and nourishing action and contains glycolic acid, aloe vera and ginseng.
The serum has a gelatinous consistency, not very liquid and with a quick and slightly sticky absorption until it is completely absorbed. Pleasant fragrance and a more toned and silky skin to the touch.
Rating 4/5

pHenomenal Gel24,00 $
This gel hydrates and balances the pH of the skin and inside it contains aloe vera, citric acid and horse chestnut.
The gel is quite liquid and just a small nut is enough to cover the entire area of ​​the face which is immediately brighter and ultra-silky to the touch. The compactness and elasticity of the skin is clearly visible as well as perceived to the touch.
Rating 4.5/5

On-the-Glow18,00 $
This solid moisturizer is perfect to use on the face, lips, body and hair for an immediately more radiant appearance and a protection obtained thanks to vitamin D2. Inside it also contains ginseng and glycolic acid.
Easy and practical to use, this product immediately moisturizes and gives depth, leaving the skin visibly bright and radiant, excellent to use before make-up for a natural and healthy result.
Rating 4/5


25 thoughts on “#PixiGlowStory by Pixi

  1. I have seen this stuff before and I even think I got the Tonic as a gift at one point. I think I used it only 2 times though because my skin is super sensitive thus I just don’t want to mess anything up!!

  2. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Pixi, but I’ve never tried them myself. Thanks for sharing more info about the products!

  3. I have been reading a lot about good reviews about Pixi, and I love how they present their product packaging! Though I find their product line a little expensive, the reason I can’t buy. 🙂

  4. The other day a friend of mine was talking about Pixi. Happy that I stumbled upon your post and had a clear idea about it. Thank you.

  5. I have never tried to use this products but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and because of this review I am going to buy and try it.

  6. Your skin looks so clean and whitened after the products! I’ve heard a lot about pixi, maybe I should check some of their products!

  7. I love the details of the products, the one that called my attention most is the cleansing gel with chestnut extract, aloe vera, and ginseng. I love aloe vera! I even drink it sometimes 😉

  8. I am looking forward to using it’s skin toner as I have oily skin and right now struggling with some skin marks. Also phenomenal gel sounds good too. Can’t wait to use them.

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